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Living The Dream - Ashley Flowers

Master of Science in Human Resource ManagementAshley Flowers

December 2014

Post-Program career: HRDP- HR Specialist, Dow Chemical

Pre-Program career: Student

Previous Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Why Krannert?

"Why not Krannert?" is my response. It is the only business school I visited where I received nothing but transparency from the Admissions Staff and Students, which was great because I like everything to be kept real. Secondly, it screamed “Awesome & Multi-cultural,” and would give me the opportunity to learn, grow, and have fun with individuals from so many walks of life and countries. Lastly, Krannert gave this country girl a reason to get her passport and explore parts of Europe she would not have otherwise!

Tell us about your experiences at Krannert.

If I talk about all of the good memories at Krannert, I would begin to write a book because I had a blast there. In short, all of the good memories consist of my sassy MuSHRooM classmates, culture fest, charity ball, study abroad, and most importantly, my Krannert Graduate Society of Black Managers (KGSBM) family.

Are you a career changer, career enhancer or a new professional?

New Professional

What was your internship?

HR Intern at The Hershey Company (read about my experience here)

What did you take away from your internship experience?

My internship taught me to stand firm in what I truly believe.

What did you enjoy about your internship?

The best part of my internship was all of the free candy and desk drops, along with learning the legacy of Milton Hershey.

How did you find your new career?

My new career was a result of working with a team of peers on an Experiential Learning Initiative (ELI)/Student Consultant Project at Dow AgroSciences.

What drew you to this company?

The people I met and spoke with at Dow is what drew me here. It’s one of the few places I know of where mostly everyone has spent their entire career. This signified to me, Dow is a place where I can have endless opportunities across the globe.

What will be the challenges of your new career?

The challenges of being a new professional is learning how to navigate ambiguity and understanding how to work within a matrix organization. Not only that, but also realizing there is no set path or “graduation plan” you must follow to ensure you excel. It’s all about taking risk, ownership, and delivering with confidence.

What courses from the MSHRM program have you found beneficial?

Based on my current projects, I must say Professor Dunford’s Compensation and Employee Relations classes have been most beneficial.

Advice for someone looking to work at the company you are working at?

If considering Dow as an employer, I highly recommend participating in the Dow AgroSciences ELI project.