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Faculty Quick Links

The professors behind our Purdue Master’s programs are more than educators – they are recognized leaders in their fields of study. They serve as editors or on the editorial boards of more than 50 professional journals, and the research productivity of the school’s management program is ranked among the world’s best.

Two Krannert finance professors (John McConnell – Emanuel T. Weiler Distinguished Professor of Management and Bill Lewellen – Herman C. Krannert Distinguished Professor of Management) were ranked among the top five most prolific researchers of the last 50 years in a study published in the Journal of Financial Literature.

Mara Faccio – Politics and Profit

Professor Mara Faccio speaks passionately about her recent research which deals with the shockingly h3 connections between prominent corporations and high powered politicians across the globe. Through her process of matching the names of major shareholders of publically traded firms with those of a country’s key politicians, she arrives at eye-opening conclusions on the concepts of political corruption and company bailouts.

Ananth Iyer – Executive Education, Operations Course Overview

Professor Ananth Iyer introduces his executive MBA course on operations and supply chain management. By separating the basic structure used to deliver a company’s product or service, Professor Iyer shares the three decisions key to organizing optimal business operations, each designed to make an individual firm globally competitive.

Mohit Tawarmalani – Develops Optimization Software

Professor Mohit Tawarmalani talks about his work on BARON (Branch and Reduce Optimization Navigator), a recent and groundbreaking software optimization development. The software, one of the first of its kind, is now widely used by companies and academics throughout a variety of disciplines – economics, business, engineering – to solve particularly difficult mathematical and optimization problems.

David Hummels – Environomics

Professor David Hummels speaks about his recent work in the study of Environomics, a movement which combines a progressive understanding of economics and the environment. He shares the topic of a paper he was asked to produce by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, and he poses the same question: How important is international transport in relation to the ongoing and substantial problem of carbon leakage?

FacultyMany of our faculty members provide consulting services to Fortune 500 companies, while others work on projects funded by government agencies, private foundations, and corporate sponsors.

Purdue promotes an active dialogue between professors and students, wherein students establish rapport with the faculty and find boundless opportunities for collaboration and learning. This occurs both in the classroom and in more casual settings, such as our weekly master’s social hour.

At Purdue, quality teaching moves beyond typical lectures and exams to experiential learning exercises, computer simulations, field trips, and off-site projects with corporate partners. Our faculty will ultimately serve as more than your teachers – they’ll become your mentors, associates, and advisors.