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Shuqi Hu

Shuqi Hu

Second-Year MSHRM Student
Tianmen, China

Why should a prospective student choose the Krannert School?

If you are prospective student, you won’t want to miss out on choosing Krannert. The first reason is the amazing people. The faculty and staff dedicate themselves to make the students successful and spare no efforts to help students. This is my first time aboard and living in a foreign country but they really make me feel like at home. In addition, you can also make friends with excellent people from different countries all over the world, and Krannert provides you with abundant opportunities to achieve in a supportive network. Also, Krannert commits to equip students with the core competencies that will help you be successful in business. For example, the leadership course Launching Global Leaders will help apply well developed leadership skills in a team or workplace environment. The team-based assignments and tasks help us to understand our strengths and areas for growth and to improve at teamwork. The last thing I want to mention is the reputation of Krannert and Purdue, which will help us build successful career. Many recruiters who come to campus to recruit have shared that Krannert is a great business school and I am so lucky to be in Krannert.

What extracurricular clubs are you involved in at Krannert, and how have they contributed to your experience?

I am involved in the Management Volunteer Program (MVP) and Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), Purdue Chapter. MVP has many excellent activities which could both allow me to do something for my community and provide me opportunities to activities for fun.  SHRM provides me with a professional network and with wonderful activities beneficial to my career.

I also serve as the first year representative of Krannert Graduate Student Association (KGSA).  I want to help my classmates and the Krannert Family. I believe that these experiences can help me make wonderful friends and collaborate. 

How would you describe the Krannert faculty?

The faculty here are very responsible and eager to push the students achieve their academic goals.  For example, whenever I encounter problems about Business Analytics, I often send an email to Professor Jen Tang, he always replies very quickly. Also, the faculty here are very nice and approachable; they are willing to talk with you both in the class and outside the class.

Your classmates come from a variety of work backgrounds.  What have you been able to learn from them?

I really like the diversity here.  The various backgrounds help us to understand the problems from different perspectives.  The different cultures not only create a synergy but also teaches me how to collaborate globally, and I believe, I this could accelerate my growth to be a global professional and global citizen.

How has the Krannert School helped develop your leadership skills?

Krannert emphasizes leadership from many different aspects. On one hand, the Launching Global Leaders course not only helps us develop leadership skills in a team or workplace environment, but also allows me to understand my strengths and areas for growth relative to Krannert’s leadership competency model. On the other hand, there are also many practical leadership opportunities in clubs and student organizations, which could help us to apply what we learn into real-world skills.

How would you describe living in West Lafayette?

I like it in West Lafayette and the people are very friendly and warm-hearted. As someone who is new to the U.S., they make me feel at home. During my first two weeks here, I lived with a native family, they helped me in every aspect of the life, gave me a lot of information about living in USA, and treated me just as one of their family. I feel so great to live with them and we keep in touch and still communicate a lot! Also, this place is also very beautiful and I live close to the Wabash River and I really enjoy my life here.

Away from Krannert, what do you do for fun?

Away from Krannert, I do a lot of things for fun! My friends and I drove to Chicago last week and we had wonderful food, went shopping and just had a lot of fun together. Also, every week I go to church in Lafayette and it also has a lot of activities. For example, two weeks ago, the church organized a picnic, during which there were some ice-breaker activities.  I have made many new friends at church.  In addition, there are always wonderful activities at Krannert.  For example, it is football season and we get together for football games and tailgate.

What do you like most about the Krannert School and Purdue?

I really like the people here and they are so friendly and ready to help. Whenever I encounter problems, I could always get help from them. I also like the academic and teamwork atmosphere.  The people try their best to learn, study and act as a team. 

How have you been assisted in your job search?

I learned a lot of useful tools to hunt for jobs. For example, they taught me to how to use some social media skillfully and also give me a lot of detailed information career fairs. The staff here helped me with my resume and gave me practical and constructive suggestions. In addition, I am also able to obtain abundant information about my target companies from 2nd-year students.  They are willing to sharing their experiences. Everyone has been very helpful.

Who is the person, business world or otherwise, that you most admire, and why?

I have admired many people in the world and many times when I finished a biography of someone, I felt shocked by his or her amazing life. In the long run, I think Confucius is the one I admire most and he gives me so many wisdom, which I can apply both in my life and in the business world.

When we catch up with you in 10 years, what do you expect to be doing?

I am likely to work in a global company, leveraging my knowledge in HR area and at the same time, traveling all over the world.