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Zach Tahiru

Master's Programs Student Spotlight Photo

MBA Second-Year Student
Lafayette, IN

Why should a prospective student choose the Krannert School?
A prospective student should choose Krannert for a plethora of reasons. If you are looking to get a great education in Operations, Supply Chain, Organizational Behavior or our other option areas, Krannert stands among the best. If you are looking for a name brand school, The Purdue Brand and Krannert Name are world renowned. If you are looking for a place to network, meeting great people and mentors along the way we have that too!

What extracurricular clubs are you involved in at Krannert?  How has being involved contributed to your experience? Within Krannert I am involved in the Operations Club, the Purdue Consulting Club, Krannert Graduate Black Society of Managers and the Management Volunteer Program. Coming in, I believed all of those clubs would be very important in regards to my total overall Krannert experience and MBA experience, and indeed they have. Extracurricular activities are an important part of the experience because they help you develop part of the experience because they help you develop a “life” outside of your day-to-day classes and class work.

How would you describe the Krannert faculty?
. There are many reasons the Krannert faculty are recognized as one of the best. Their research and experience allows them to provide a very insightful perspective on the subject matter which they are teaching which makes the subjects both fun and understandable. Also, all faculty members are willing to help!

Your classmates come from a variety of backgrounds, what have you been able to learn from them?
The different backgrounds of my peers have been great! They have allowed me to look at and understand concepts from a different perspective. I have loved meeting and interacting with people from all over the world and learning their backgrounds, experiences and even their languages.

How has the Krannert School helped develop you leadership skills?
From the first day of orientation, we have been working to craft our leadership skills. We began by building a foundation of leadership skills through seminars, guest speakers and activities. This foundation was immediately put to use within our module 1 teams and in the vast array of leadership opportunities through the various Krannert clubs and organizations.

How would you describe living in West Lafayette?
West Lafayette is a perfect example of a college town with an active community. Our class already has its favorite hangout spots. Also West Lafayette’s proximity to bigger cities such as Indianapolis, Chicago, Detroit and Cincinnati make it easy to get away if you need to connect to a larger city.

Away from Krannert, what do you do for fun?
I found out very quickly that the Krannert community offers a very wide range of social events throughout the year. I have had a great time getting to know my classmates through these socials. I also love running and I am going to be a high school track coach in the spring.

What do you like most about the Krannert School and Purdue?
The diversity! I’ve been able to learn so much from so many different types of people in such a short amount of time. Everyone shares their diverse experiences, this has truly enhanced my learning at Purdue.  From language classes that our class organized to provide opportunities to develop linguistics skills in languages such as English, Spanish, Mandarin, German, etc. to the different perspectives each student brings forward on group projects this experience has been amazing!

How have you been assisted in your job search?
I have had help in my job search every step of the way. From this first day of orientation, we began learning and practicing leadership, job search and interview preparation skills. Once the career search “season” swung into full gear, the Krannert Professional Development Center continued to provide help with my job search, as well as words of advice, knowledge and encouragement.  I have also benefited from the connections I am able to make with various Krannert alumni.  If I am interested in a particular company, there is always someone who knows an alumnus who I can speak to at that company.

When we catch up with you in 10 years, what do you expect to be doing?
I plan on being the Operations or Purchasing Vice President of a Fortune 500 Company. With the skills I am learning and developing at Krannert, I have no doubt that this goal is obtainable.