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David Howarth

David Howarth

MBA for STEM Professionals
Indianapolis, IN

Why should a prospective student choose the Krannert School?

First and foremost, the Krannert program offers any student a world-class education and automatically sets you up for sustained success as a business leader. But beyond that, Krannert exposes its students to a wide range diverse issues, whether they be cultural or career background. The spectrum of backgrounds that Krannert brings to the table pushes you to think outside your surroundings and think globally, an increasingly important capability in today’s business world.

What are you enjoying most about the One-Year MBA for STEM Professionals?

My favorite aspect of the program is being able to take my background in engineering and relate it to a business context. The program is set-up to build off your technical foundation as opposed to giving you a separate, independent education. This has helped greatly in my ability to perceive the underlying business concepts in my field, as well as look outside that field to the general business field. It gives you the best of both worlds.

How would you describe the Krannert faculty?

The Krannert faculty truly are there to help you succeed. The entire staff takes the time to really get to know you and what your career objectives are. And they are very cognizant of students needs and make the extra effort to accommodate whatever concerns you may have. I can think of numerous examples where students have voiced concerns over an issue, or have recommended additions to the program to better our experience, and the faculty and staff have been flexible and accommodating in either reviewing parts of the program or classes, or even giving students themselves the opportunity and leadership to tackle the issues.

Your classmates come from a variety of work backgrounds...what have you been able to learn from them?

Just learning to look at every situation and problem from multiple vantage points has been the biggest takeaway thus far. Everyone’s background and experience lends to shape their thought process and how they approach problems. Through the Krannert program, I have learned to be more cognizant of these variances, and am better able to identify how other’s frameworks can mesh with mine.

How has Krannert helped develop your leadership skills?

This really builds off the culture that Krannert has developed with the diversity of the program and the opportunities given by the staff. Working with such a diverse group allows you to expound upon your thought process and learn to lead given a range of different backgrounds. And there are ample opportunities to get involved and take a leadership role amongst your fellow students, whether this be through the Krannert clubs such as Net Impact, taking on a real-world client project through the ELI program, or innovating and initiating your own opportunities, as the Energy Club did this past year.

How would you describe living in West Lafayette?

West Lafayette is the perfect complement to the fast-paced environment of campus and Krannert. It is a quieter town, which allows you unwind and relax during your off hours. That also means that everything off campus is still readily accessible. For car owners, everything you could need is within 15 minutes of campus, and if don’t happen to be a driver, West Lafayette still has you covered. The bus system that runs all week between campus and town, and there are buses and trains that regularly run to both Indianapolis and Chicago.

Away from Krannert...what do you do for fun?

Outside of the Krannert program, I like to spend a lot of my time and unwind at the Co-Rec here on campus. Whether this be through using the workout facilities, playing some basketball, or playing on the nearby intramural fields, I like to stay active and keep moving.

What do you like most about Krannert and Purdue?
The drive and passion that my fellow students bring to the table is simply astounding. It’s hard to not stay motivated when you’re constantly surrounded by such hard working people. There are so many different events constantly going on that people get involved in, it’s impossible not to get swept up and become immersed in the program.

When we catch up with you in 10 years, what do you expect to be doing?

Ten years from now I expect to be working as a sustainability consultant, either with a firm or under my own, working with companies to green their business practices and align them to focus on the triple bottom line: people, planet, profit. I also expect to be a bit of a world traveler, and have the opportunities to experience all that the world has to offer and continue to expound upon the diversity I have been exposed to here at the Krannert School.

Please share what you’d like about your Purdue experience.

Having been an undergraduate student here at Purdue, it has been great to be able to come back on campus and immerse myself in the black and gold. There truly are numerous ways to get involved and take leadership roles, not just in Krannert but in the entire campus, to the point where it takes a concerted effort to narrow the list of activities to what can be reasonably managed. Purdue offers every opportunity to gain the leadership that is needed for your future job, it is up to you to seize upon that opportunity and become a true business leader.