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Welcome to the Krannert School of Management

Student Standing in Rawls Hall

We are excited to welcome you to our diverse and inclusive community. As a student at Krannert, you will learn from top faculty, have the opportunity to travel the world, and interact with fellow students from every corner of the globe. Along the way, we hope you will enhance your leadership skills, interact with alumni, and give something back to our wonderful community. While your time on campus may be limited, you are now part of a lifelong network. Below are some resources you may find helpful throughout your time at Krannert….and beyond.

Welcome to Krannert
This section covers information you will need during your transition to Purdue. Learn more about how to hit the ground running the summer before you arrive on campus.

Get To Know Purdue
This section provides information for those new to the Purdue community, including on and off campus housing options, transportation around town, and other Purdue resources.

Krannert Launch - Orientation
This section prepares you for new student orientation.

This section covers the processes for class registration, grading, advising, as well as policies on academic integrity.

Leadership Programs
This section outlines the various opportunities available to improve your leadership skills.

This section introduces you to the staff of the Krannert Center for Professional Development and highlights key resources you can use for your job/internship search.

This section discusses some of the privileges of being an alumnus of the Krannert School of Management.

Resources & Links
This section contains links to additional resources you will find useful.