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Professional Appearance for Women

What to Wear and When to Wear It

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Shorts/slacks/jeans with a t-shirt or sweatshirt.

No rippled jeans, short skirts, or low cut or micro mini type shorts.

Business Casual

A good “business casual” outfit is a pair of dress pants with a blazer or nice sweater or a skirt with a blouse.

Business Casual Redo

Appropriate hosiery and polished shoes.

Following is a range of outfits starting with more casual to more businesslike:

  1. Khaki pants and polo shirt (or button down shirt)
  2. Dress pants and sweater set
  3. Skirt and sweater set
  4. Blazer and a long (knee-length) skirt
  5. Matching pant suit

For business casual events, women should not wear tennis shoes, sweats, jeans, casual pants, shorts skirts or shorts

Business ProfessionalBusiness Professional Redo

Professional events require a business suit. Suits with pants or a skirt are acceptable for most Krannert sponsored events or City Treks.

For interviewing purposes, it’s more conservative for women to wear skirt suits. 

Pants of any kind can be perceived as less conservative and some employers do not deem pantsuits as Business Professional. 

A good “professional” outfit would be a suit in a conservative cut and color, a silk or linen blouse, hose, polished pumps with a 1-2 inch heel, and simple earrings and a necklace.  Flat, closed toed shoes are appropriate if you will be spending time touring an organization or at an all day event.

Personal Presentation for Women

Hygiene Requirements

  • Daily Shower
  • Daily Use of Deodorant
  • Minimal Use of Scent
  • Daily Teeth Cleaning
  • Mouthwash as Needed
  • Breath Mints before an Interview

“Failure to follow these basic hygiene requirements can be a “show stopper” in terms of getting an internship or full-time position in the United States.”

-Krannert Master’s Office