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Financial Aid

The decision to attend the Krannert School of Management is an important investment in your future. Understanding that, there are several resources available to assist you in making such an investment, including scholarships, loans and assistantships. We are providing only a handful of potential options in an attempt to empower our students to find the appropriate funding.  (2018-2019 Tuition and Fees)

Loan Opportunities

Both federal and private loans are available to most incoming Krannert students. There are several different federal loan options and we highly recommend reviewing each of them prior to making a decision. Please utilize the resources provided in the right margin. It should be noted that international students are typically not eligible for federal loans and will want to take advantage of private loan opportunities.

Scholarships and Krannert Graduate Assistantships

Each year, Krannert offers select applicants assistantship opportunities and scholarships to help reduce the cost of attending Purdue. These merit-based awards do not require any additional application as all applicants are considered through the admission for admissions process.

Departments around the university typically allocate their assistantships and scholarships to incoming students within their department.

Assistantships usually involve approximately 10 hours of work per week and provide both a significant remition of tuition & fees as well as a monthly stipend.

We encourage you to conduct your assistantship search with the same skills as finding a internship or job.

Additional Graduate Assistantships and Employment

Many Krannert students secure graduate assistantships outside of Krannert, based upon their special skills and expertise. While the Krannert staff does not play any role in identifying potential positions or in the selection of these graduate assistants, we do encourage students to use the resources available to find open positions. There are also opportunities for students to find employment outside of the Master’s Programs, working for Purdue or in the Lafayette/West Lafayette area, although these normally do not include any type of tuition remission.