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Student Experiences | Weekend MBA

Krannert Weekend MBA students come to us with varied backgrounds and strengths, goals and plans. They also share something great: a desire to tell the world about their MBA program experiences.

Emily Stillman

Emily Stillman

Class of '22 - Trainer, Dealer Inspire

Tell us about your experience with Krannert's curriculum.

I am seeing first-hand the concepts that we're learning about in class within my own work environment. I know I will have the foundation to branch into a managerial role within my organization.

What are you hoping to gain from your experience?

Going for an MBA opens so many doors for me professionally. I will always have the choice to go back into teaching, but the MBA gives me options!

What would you tell someone considering pursuing a graduate degree with Krannert?

Krannert cares that you succeed, and provides you with the tools to excel in your degree.

Clay Koehler

Clay Koeher

Class of '21 - AVP Small Business Banking, Centier Bank

What drew you to Purdue's Weekend MBA program specifically?

I was drawn to the Weekend MBA because of the hybrid structure. Being in residence every other Saturday still allowed us to build lasting relationships, but didn’t take undue time from our families. I’d recommend the program to anyone!

Describe your experience in the MBA program in three words.

Life Long Relationships. The cohort experience allowed us to learn from each other’s experiences and grow together. I completed the program with colleagues/friends for life.

Dakota Hassan

Dakota Hassan

Class of '22 - Director of Provider Relations, Indiana Emergency Care

What drew you to Purdue's Weekend MBA program specifically?

Purdue's Weekend MBA program is both cost and time effective. It is appropriately priced compared to other schools. It also allows me the time to balance work, school, and my social life by attending class every other Saturday and having online resources. It also provides me with access to incredible professors and professional resources.

What would you tell someone who is considering pursuing a graduate degree at Krannert?

Do it.

Purdue is an amazing school and if you truly want an education and not just a title, Krannert School of Management will provide you with exactly that. This has been an amazing experience, and I am confident any other student pursing a degree here will feel the same.

Brandon Gatson

Brandon Gatson

Class of '22 - Supplier Diversity Manager, Purdue University

Why did you pursue an MBA at this point in your career?

I wanted to use the MBA experience to assist in making a career transition. I hope to gain valuable management lessons across the breadth of business functions and build a lifetime network in a renowned school.

What is your biggest surprise from your experience?

The Krannert network really matters. I am surprised at how friendly people are, from faculty to staff to students. I can be talking to a genius student or a globally recognized faculty member and they are down-to-earth people.

Joshua Plue

Joshua Plue

Class of '22 - Outreach and Developments Coordinator, Purdue University

Why did you pursue an MBA at this point in your career?

The Weekend MBA program gave me the flexibility to work full time while getting face-to-face instruction and what I consider a more in-depth appreciation of the course work. My goal is to help companies gain and sustain competitive advantages that propel them ahead of their competition. I want the opportunity to run a large company or division in the future, and this program has given me the skills to approach this challenge with confidence.

How is Krannert's curriculum preparing you for your goals?

My goal is to be a C-suite executive, and the curriculum at Krannert has given me insight into all the roles within that team. It is important for executives to have an understanding of the entire business, and I feel very comfortable speaking in any of their languages after participating in the MBA program.

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