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KKrannert prepares its female students to become leaders in the ever-changing global workforce. In an effort to promote the advancement of women in the workplace, Krannert provides abundant resources and support through its Brock-Wilson Center for Women in Management which was established specifically to address challenges that women face in their careers.

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Mission of Brock-Wilson Center for Women in Management

Using strategies developed from research findings the Brock-Wilson Center for Women in Management takes the following actions to accelerate the career growth of women.

  • Prepare students to lead and excel in a diverse and changing workforce.

  • Support the leadership development of women from pre-college throughout their careers.

  • Influence thought and behavior in global business settings.

What We Offer to Women in Management

  • Courses on gender issues in business at the undergraduate and graduate levels. 

    • Provide students with new strategies to navigate through gender-related challenges as well as their own careers.

    • Learn how to lead effective, gender-aware teams.

  • Case competitions on finding solutions to cases of sexual harassment and related issues in the workplace.

Nikita Atal

Nikita Atal, MBA '17

"At Krannert, the support for women is implicit, and it allowed me to grow into my strengths. It does not matter what your background or goals are. Everyone here gets to be an individual, have their own space, pursue their own leadership opportunity. It's an ideal environment."

Carrie Zylstra-SkinnerCarrie Zylstra-Skinner, MBA '18

"Krannert empowers women like no other school. It's competitive, but incredibly supportive. You will find that support everywhere, from the students to the faculty to Purdue's amazing alumni network."