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DIY Krannert Summer Intern - Meet Katie

Katie Lansing
MBA Consumer Marketing Intern – HGTV & DIY Networks
Scripps Networks Interactive Headquarters, Knoxville, TN

My role as a consumer marketing intern encompasses a variety of elements. Initially, I had to gain an understanding of the entire Home Category (i.e HGTV&DIY Networks) and how the different divisions within the category all work together to budget, prioritize, and promote on-air and off-air programming to consumers. Consequently, my first two weeks consisted of several meetings Master Student during HGTV/DYI internship with SVP’s, VP’s, Managers, and Directors within the creative services division, programming division, research division, and consumer marketing division of the Home Category.

After grasping the 3000 ft view of the Home Category at large, I had the opportunity to delve into two different DIY Network marketing strategies; the first experience being with reciprocal marketing between two networks and the second experience being with an ad sales marketing partnership. These opportunities gave me a wealth of knowledge when it came to understanding marketing techniques, talent management, budgets, and client relationships.

Additionally, after receiving first hand exposure to different marketing strategies, I had the opportunity to expand my network and head out to New York City to meet SVP’s, VP’s, and Managers who worked for the Home Category as well as the Food Category i.e Food Network and Cooking Channel of SNI.

Finally, throughout my entire time here at Scripps Networks Interactive (SNI) I have been working on market segmentation research in which I have had to familiarize myself with Nielsen ratings in addition to internal and external research methods.

This experience has been one of the best experiences that I have had working in corporate America and I would not trade it for the world!

What has been your most meaningful internship experience?

The most meaningful experience that I have had so far working for HGTV & DIY Networks would have to be the conversations that I have had with VP’s and senior level executives within the home and food categories of Scripps Networks Interactive i.e HGTV, DIY, and Food Networks. I have been given very noteworthy advice about the future of the media industry in addition to the roles millennials will be playing in business.

How were you prepared for your internship experience?

I was prepared for my internship experience from a variety of previous experiences. As a Combined Degree student in the MBA Program concentrating in Marketing and Strategic Management, my course work alone helped expose me to techniques and frameworks that have become very useful for my role in consumer marketing within the home category of SNI. I also had a previous MBA internship experience during the 2013 school year that gave me the opportunity of working in conjunction with other business units to complete a specific task. This ability to work cross functionally has helped me immensely within my consumer marketing role this summer.

What have you learned the most from the experience?

I have learned that the challenge facing the future of marketing and promotions in the media industry is how and where to place content when there are a plethora of platforms that people use to access media. Placement is key, but most importantly keeping a consistent look and feel to any brand is the goal of any marketer. As the time grows closer for me to begin my career, it has become evident that having critical thinking skills is an absolute necessity, regardless of the industry. Employers want people who can think outside of the box in order to expand the business. During my experience here at SNI, I have learned to become more confident in my decision making while challenging both myself and others. The challenging future of marketing and promotions is both exciting but a little nerve wracking as well. Having gained a multitude of perspectives from senior executives and VP’s across different divisions of SNI, has given me much faith and optimism about my future as a business woman.