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Krannert Summer Intern – Meet Shelly

Shelly Walls
HR Generalist
Commercial Insurance Claims
Boston, MAMaster's Programs Student with supervisor during internship

I am serving as a generalist for the Commercial Insurance Claims group at Liberty Mutual Insurance. I do a little bit of everything from data analytics to compensation, benefits to training and development. Every day brings a new challenge!

What are some outcomes the organization will have from the time you have spent at your internship?

One of the main outcomes Liberty will see from my time spent with them will be improving and streamlining our New Hire process for our Claims Call Centers. Liberty Mutual recently went through a re-alignment, and along with that the organization saw a lot of changes. One of my main projects over the summer was to build custom interviews from past questions and Employee Opinion Survey results from our Claims Call Centers for employees who have been with Liberty for approximately 12-15 months (pre re-alignment) and for approximately 3 months (post re-alignment). With these interviews, the Company will be able to get a better grasp on how the New Hire process has changed since the re-alignment, what Liberty HR is doing better, and what opportunities Liberty HR has for improvement. After gathering this data, I’ll be putting together an overview of the results, which will ultimately impact the way Liberty Mutual hires employees to staff the various Claims Call Centers in the future. 

What has been your most meaningful internship experience?

My most meaningful internship experience has been how I’ve been able to see the impact I’m having on the business through all of the projects I’ve been working on. In addition to the New Hire project I’ve also had the chance to analyze data and make compensation recommendations for the Company’s nurse population, one of Liberty’s toughest positions to staff. Another project I’ve been working on is auditing development plans for the various groups in my department to make sure Liberty is appropriately developing its employees so that the company is able to continue to uphold its “promote from within” culture by analyzing a sample of development plans. On top of that, I’ve developed a short training for managers to help them better understand why development planning is important to them, their employees, and the Company. All of these things have an impact on the way Liberty does business. 

How were you prepared for your internship experience?

The better question might be, “how were you not prepared for your internship?” because that would be an easier list to make. I’ve felt prepared for my internship in every way, but I think the thing that stands out to me the most is the number of times I’ve been described as “extremely analytical” by my co-workers and managers.

What has surprised you the most about your internship experience?

I think the thing that surprised me the most was being described as “extremely analytical” on multiple occasions by various people at work. I’ve heard it said a thousand times that Krannert Master’s students are very analytically prepared, but I didn’t see myself in this light until I got into my internship. I constantly find myself searching for data to back up my recommendations and decisions without thinking about it. My Krannert education has made being analytical second nature and I know my managers appreciate that. 

What has surprised you the least about your internship experience?

How prepared I was, professionally, especially compared to those from other programs. I’ve been at Purdue through my undergraduate and now graduate education and they put a lot of very apparent effort into developing their students into professionals. From developing a sharp resume to being at ease in an executive level interview to knowing how to dress and behave in the workplace, Krannert will teach you to be highly professional and that really makes you stand out amongst other interns.