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Krannert Summer Intern – Meet Heather

Heather Moore
HR Operations Intern
Denver, CO Student hiking while on her internship experience

I am currently working with CH2M HILL to bring their acquisition of Halcrow (UK) up-to-date. I’m assisting with bringing their HR processes and documentation into what we call the VO (Virtual Office). Although the acquisition took place in 2011, the addition to the company had a large impact and brought a significant amount of workers to CH. Additionally, I work on processes. CH2M HILL is becoming increasingly global and is requiring a more global application of their documentation, this is where I come in. I am currently working with individuals from the UK and Canada to make sure that these processes are not only applicable to the US, but also to these countries.

What has been your most meaningful internship experience?

This is tough, so I’m going to have to give you 2 answers. 1.) The people here at CH2M HILL have been amazing. Especially the women in the upper tiers of management here. They’ve really taken me under their wing (whether they realize it or not!) and taught me a ton about being a woman in business. They’re professional and caring, and their doors are always open to chat. 2.) The global exposure: After spending 4th MOD in Europe, I was able to continue my international experience here because of the roles I’ve been allowed to play. Although I’ve had a significant amount of cultural exposure, this side has allowed me to see the logistics as well as the difference in employment throughout the world. It’s been a huge learning experience.


How were you prepared for your internship experience?

I’m going to have to say that my study abroad experiences has giving me a leg up on this one. Going over and experiencing things firsthand is one of the best ways to learn. Considering this company is so international, it’s allowed me to help others and chime in when others haven’t been able to. I’ve continually been able to reference my last stint in Europe and use that in my everyday work.


What has been the most meaningful experience?

The opportunity to live and work in a great place like Colorado. It was a big adjustment at first (with the elevation and climate change), but it has been a chance I’m glad I’ve taken. I have had an amazing opportunity to grow and experience new things, as well as adapt to life in a diversified city like Denver. I love being outdoors, so the hiking, rafting, and biking haven’t been too tough to handle. I’ve actually been able to start riding my bike the 20 some miles to and from work every day… talk about an awesome workout! I can get 40 miles in before I even eat dinner. It’s also a great stress reliever at the end of the day (and not being stuck in traffic… wonderful!)