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Krannert Summer Intern – Meet Sylvester

Sylvester Peoples
Consumer Marketing Knowledge Associate Manager
Procter & Gamble, Bethel, CT

At P&G my job is to focus on finding the consumers: Needs, Intentions and Motivations. And from that, develop insights on who the customer is, what they want and how we can better reach them. Our findings reach every function of the business from finance to marketing to R&D.Master's Programs student with co-workers at P&G event

What are some outcomes the organization will have from the time you have spent at your internship?

The great thing about P&G is that all of our projects are real-world projects. They are projects that will be used to help the business in some capacity. You know from day one that you are an employee, your voice and project matter. My project will not only have an effect on the North American Duracell team that I am working on but the guideline I created with be used throughout all brand within P&G.

What has been your most meaningful internship experience?:

The most meaningful experience that I have had is having the opportunity to meet and grow with other interns. My job is very multifunctional so you have to get to know people from all functions. I have been able to build bonds with other interns that will last well beyond these three months.

How were you prepared for your internship experience?:

I felt very prepared for my internship not only from past experience and education but also because of the insights I was given by prior interns from Purdue that had worked with P&G last year.

What has been the most meaningful experience?

Outside of building the relationships with others, I think having supervisors (Directors and VP’s) being engaged and asking about what your project is about and then asking to see the project because they believe it can help their business too. I really get to see how something I’ve done can go Global really quickly.

What has surprised you the most about your internship experience?

I think the most surprising thing about my internship is how my project matters so quickly. I knew the work we did was helpful and would possibly be used in the future. To see people view you as an expert so quickly really was a shock. It definitely heightens the pressure, at the same time makes the job seem that much more rewarding.

What has surprised you the least about your internship experience?

There has been very little that has not surprised me about my internship. I have been really surprised by the company and the culture. People talk about it but you really have to be in it to experience it and know what people are talking about. It is a very inclusive environment that is driven by people wanting to help one another and help the company grow.