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My summer internship with Finish Line

Hello all, long time no type. Here are some highlights of my time at Finish Line.

For those who may not know, Finish Line is a chain of mall-based retail stores selling premium athletic shoes and apparel. Finish Line has also partnered with Macy’s to run the athletic shoe department in Macy’s stores. Finish Line’s corporate headquarters is located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Due to confidentiality reasons, I cannot explicitly state some of the specifics about the project in which I am involved. I can tell you that Finish Line is currently overhauling most of our key systems such as IT, supply chain, etc. I report directly to our V.P. of Strategy who is currently managing the project. As can be imagined this project will last many months and is one of the largest capital projects ever undertaken by Finish Line.

I’ve been very fortunate to be put into this position. Though my background is in project controls and project management, I have not worked on a project of this scope and complexity. It’s fascinating to see how so many different departments have to cooperate in order to make these monumental changes to our company. Some of my responsibilities include helping manage the schedule, updating the project’s financials, and measuring our progress to see if we are working as efficiently as possible. I’ve also been tasked with creating commercials and songs to highlight our new company initiatives to our over 600 stores throughout the country. Another intern and I are busy at work on this really exciting project (look out for “Does your (supply) chain hang low?” on the radio).

My classes at Krannert played a very important role in me landing and excelling in my internship. Accounting and finance have come in handy when organizing the financial information about the project. (She’s a CPA so I know I have to be on my game.) My operations models class and supply chain management class have also helped me understand many of the objectives of this project and allowed me to provide important commentary.

What is remarkable to me about Finish Line is the incredible company culture. For instance, just a few days ago we engaged in a company-wide game of Tug of War to raise money for Make a Wish. Since we are an athletic shoe retailer, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear athletic shoes to the office – as long as they are sold by Finish Line, and yes people will know and will comment if you wear non-FL shoes. Finish Line is also a huge sponsor of the Indiana Special Olympics and all employees were encouraged to take a paid day off to volunteer during the Indiana Special Olympics. Finish Line is truly a very unique place to work.

Thanks for reading, and as always Boiler Up!

MBA, Class of 2014