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Krannert Summer Intern Colleen

MBA StudentColleen Murphy Photo at IBM

IBM HR Global Internship Program

Armonk, NY

My internship with IBM has been highly rewarding.  I was proud to be working at IBM.  IBM has a rich history that continues to make the world a better place, and IBM HR professionals are highly dedicated, cross-functional employees who have a deep passion for the company and its success. My experience was full of challenging assignments, that had a real impact on the business, interacting with leading HR executives and working with and contributing to an empowering and motivated manager who deeply cares about employee development and developing the IBM’s HR pipeline for the future.

How did you best prepare for your internship experience?

The MBA curriculum prepared me well to succeed in my role with IBM. Because Krannert emphasizes the development of its students’ quantitative and qualitative skills, I was able to bring a well-rounded set of skills to the table. For example, IBM HR emphasizes the use of data to make decisions and is a culture where feedback, agility, and creativity is rewarded and expected.

How has the experience been interning at a large organization?

IBM is a multinational company operating in more than 170 countries, and throughout my internship experience, I had the opportunity to work with and collaborate with IBMers across the globe. For example, as a part of the internship program, I was on the global ‘speed team’ who worked together to design an initiative to help IBM increase its recruitment efforts of Persons with Disabilities populations in five global countries that takes into account the local labor markets and associated legal environments. Even with global operations, IBM has an open culture where everyone helps everyone else to succeed, no matter where you are throughout the world.