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Krannert Summer Intern Jonathan

MBA Student

Project Management Intern

Rolls-Royce, Mount Vernon, OHJonathan at Rolls Royce

Rolls-Royce Energy Systems produces gas turbine packages for the oil & gas and power generation industries.  It’s a unique industry: each package is custom-engineered, weighs up to 300 tons, and is worth millions of dollars.  I work in the Project Management Office, helping the other functions (engineering, procurement, installation, etc.) work Rolls Royce Enginetogether, mitigate risk, and respond to changes.

I love what I do at Rolls-Royce, both on the day-to-day level and as a formative experience for my career.  I applied for the internship through on-campus recruiting at Krannert.  At the time, I thought project management was just about schedules and budgets.  But now I see that the heart of project management is creativity in anticipating risks, responsiveness in handling change, and clear, thoughtful communication. 

Krannert prepared me for this role excellently.  We are encouraged to solve problems creatively for our case studies.  We manage Trent Engine Rolls Royce dynamic activities and competing priorities in our group projects and student organizations.  Perhaps most importantly: my peers, the faculty, and the staff at Krannert set a great example of professional and sincere communication and relationships, among people of different backgrounds.

What has surprised me most about this internship is how amazing the people are.  We work in an open office where everyone is very friendly and down-to-earth.  The other Jonathan with other internsinterns are a blast to work with, and we’ve done everything from going to concerts to hanging around the pool together.  From the managers to the interns, I feel fortunate to be among these intelligent and good-hearted people. In that way, it feels a lot like being at Krannert.