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Krannert Summer Intern - Amanda

MBA Student

Pre-Program career: I came into the program with no fulltime work experience, but have completed multiple internships with Cummins, Inc. and have also worked in the public accounting industry doing taxes during busy season as an intern with Blue & Co., LLC.

Previous Degrees: Accounting & Management from Purdue University

How did you best prepare for your internship experience?

I tried to utilize multiple resources in order to not only learn more about companies but also the best interview techniques and follow-up techniques. I found the second year students to be a great resource, given that the majority of them had already had contact with or worked for the employers that I was considering. KPDC, of course, is always a great resource. It’s important to realize that you’re not bound to meeting with just your coach – anyone in their office is more than willing to help!

What are some outcomes the organization will have from your internship experience?

This summer I’m working as a Consumer Product Portfolio intern for BraunAbility. The goal of my internship this summer is for the company to better understand their competition in the market. I’ve done a thorough analysis of not only BraunAbility’s consumer products but also any and all comparative products that are available on the market. The end goal of my project is to identify any gaps or surpluses in BraunAbility’s current product offerings.

What will you take away from your internship experience?

This type of work is completely new for me. In my previous internships, all of my work was centered around finance and accounting. My internship with BraunAbility has allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone into an industry that I knew very little about and force myself to begin thinking from an overall business perspective, instead of just focusing on the numbers side of things.

What has been the most challenging part of your internship?

Learning about the industry, hands down. The market that BraunAbility plays in is a very niche market. Being a private company, as are all of the other companies in their industry, it has been very challenging trying to gain information. However, there is an extraordinary amount of internal knowledge within the company, so the majority of the things that I’ve learned have come just from talking to people. (Forever utilizing the networking skills that Krannert has taught me!)

What do you enjoy about your internship?

The best part about my internship is the people (cliché, I know!). BraunAbility isn’t your ordinary company, in that the majority of the employees have been with the company for ten or fifteen years. In fact, quite a few of the employees have been with BraunAbility since Ralph Braun founded the company in 1972. Being able to work with people who have such a passion for the company and the industry as a whole has been really wonderful.

How did you find your internship? What drew you into this company?

I found my internship through Krannert’s Master’s Career Fair. BraunAbility held information sessions and was present at the career fair, so I was able to learn about the company through those avenues. I was highly interested in BraunAbility, not only because they have major growth potential given their rapidly growing market, but also because it’s a company that was built solely for the purpose of helping others, and that’s what I appreciate most about BraunAbility.

What has surprised you about your internship experience?

What I’ve been most surprised about is the amount of non-financial data that goes into how the company makes everyday business decisions. There’s a lot of regulation in the mobility industry, so decisions cannot be made solely on monetary data.

What courses from the MBA program have you found beneficial?

All of them! But to be more specific, all of the core classes that MBA students are required to take have helped to improve my overall understanding of how businesses operate and make key decisions. While I don’t have much of an interest in marketing, being able to understand customers’ perception of products has played a large part in deciding which products to offer in BraunAbility’s portfolio and how to market those products. Even if you have a great product, if the customers’ perception of the product doesn’t align with the actual attributes of the product, chances are that the product will not sell in the way that the company planned.

What courses do you plan to take upon returning to Purdue?

I’m interested in learning about all aspects of the business and not necessarily focusing on one specific area. When returning in the fall, I’ll be taking classes in Human Resources, Operations & Supply Chain, and Finance.

Advice for someone looking to work at the company you are interning at?

Learn as much about the industry as you can prior to interviewing. As previously mentioned, gaining understanding about the mobility industry is not an easy feat. If your interviewers can tell that you’ve really taken the time to learn about the company and how it fits into the overall industry, they’re sure to be impressed!