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Krannert Summer Intern - Kevin

MBA Student (a member of the 3+2 Program)

Pre-Program career: Undergraduate Student

Previous Degrees: BS Mechanical Engineering

How did you best prepare for your internship experience?

Research – Whether it was to prepare for the interview or prepare for the internship itself, research was my biggest preparation method. Krannert provides you access to hundreds of databases and market researches that would normally be unavailable to the average person.

Operations/Supply Chain Classes – Knowing I was going into the supply chain division at Tesla, I made sure to take advantage of the operations/supply chain classes offered at Krannert in order to get an understanding of the fundamentals before going into a field that I was before unfamiliar with.

What are some outcomes the organization will have from your internship experience?

I am currently coordinating the largest supply chain for assembled parts Tesla has to date for the upcoming Model X. I am also developing programs to monitor scrap utilization with our suppliers and researching the ability of 3D technology within the supply chain.

What will you take away from your internship experience?

I will have a deeper understanding of how a company interacts with its different tier suppliers and how a supply chain division’s role fits into an engineering driven company.

What has been the most challenging part of your internship?

Tesla is not the typical automotive company, it does not believe in jumping through hoops and it’s adapting to this fast pace that I see is the most challenging.

What do you enjoy about your internship?

What the most challenging part of my internship is also what I enjoy the most: the fast pace, every day is a race. They also do not believe in busy work for the interns so the work and projects I am assigned to I can see and understand the impact that it will bring to the company.

How did you find your internship? What drew you into this company?

I found my internship by actively seeking out one of their recruiters. What drew me to Tesla is its defining difference in the automotive industry.

What courses from the MBA program have you found beneficial?

Operations, Introduction to Supply Chain, Business Analytics, Corporate Finance I

What courses do you plan to take upon returning to Purdue?

Lots of operations/supply chain, business analytics, and finance classes

Advice for someone looking to work at the company you are interning at?

Make sure you fit in with the culture. You need to be able to put in the long hours, adapt quickly, and work on many projects at the same time with all high priority.