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KMP 2015 Menotrs

Matthew Bauke

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH

Major(s): Management

Minor(s) and Concentration(s): Operations and Supply Chain, Analytical Consulting 

Clubs and Involvement: 

  • SMEF (School of Management Employers Forum) - member
  • OSCO (Operations and Supply Chain Organization) - member
  • Krannert Gear - liason
  • Krannert Energy Club

Top Tip to Mentees: 

My first tip would be to attend office hours. Professors seem so scary when they are at the front of a lecture hall, but the majority of them are so helpful when you meet with them. They will help you learn the material. In addition, I think it is crucial to develop a social group on campus as soon as possible so that you do not feel left out at the beginning of your college career when you are already homesick.