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KMP 2015 Mentors

Jake Novak

Hometown: Hickory Hills, IL

Major(s): Accounting

Minor(s) and Concentration(s): Analytic Consulting and Strategic Management

Clubs and Involvement: 

  • PASE -member
  • Intramural Softball -Team Captain
  • Event setup - Student worker at Purdue Memorial Union and Stewart Center

Top Tip to Mentees: 

  • I would give Krannert freshman advice on what to expect from Krannert classes.  I could share my experiences through the different courses Purdue has to offer.  This would help freshman know what lies ahead for them.  This advice could be about amount of homework, difficulty, study habits, and even resources available.  On top of this, I could share my opinions on joining clubs, or finding places to work on campus.  My past experiences from applying for jobs, interviewing, and networking myself would be great first hand knowledge to show freshman.