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KMP 2015 Mentors

Amanda Peters

Hometown: New Carlisile, IN

Major(s): Accounting

Minor(s) and Concentration(s): none

Clubs and Involvement: 

  • Purdue Bell Choir - Leader of Alternate Rehearsal (2 years)
  • Purdue Accounting Association, Director in Marketing Committee (1 year)
  • Global Dialog  (1 year)
  • Global Science Partner - Mentor (1 year)
  • Lafayette Flute Choir (3 years)
  • Tutor at McCutcheon High School (1 semester)

Top Tip to Mentees: 

  • Do not be afraid of trying new things, and think outside the box. It's okay if you do not know exactly what you want to do for the rest of your life your first day at Purdue, chances are the plans you have now are going to change, and that's okay. Work hard and go to class, even if the class is at 7:30 am and is all the way on the opposite side of campus, I have done that, and I know it is not fun. Do not forget to have fun with friends, that is what prevents burn out.