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KLDP 2014 Mentors

Jefferson Trippel
Finance and Management

Hometown: Bloomington, IN

Major(s): Finance and Management

Minor(s) and Concentration(s): None

Clubs and Involvement: 

  • Purdue Men's Rugby
  • Peer Success Coaching
  • Krannert Leadership Development Program
  • Alpha Lambda Delta Phi Eta Sigma National Freshman Honor Societies (VP)
  • Purdue Financial Management Association
  • Purdue Cru
  • Boiler Gold Rush (Team Leader)

Interests and Hobbies:

  • Painting, Drawing, Guitar

Tip to Mentees: 

  • I would want freshman to know about all the opportunities Krannert and Purdue has to offer. I came into college with just one thing on my mind: GRADES. My mindset was to get the most out of my education, and the way to do that was to study, work hard, and do whatever it takes to walk away with an A. As a current 4.0 student, I don’t regret my mindset. However, in a way, I let my education get in the way of my “education.” Being successful in college is about so much more than getting great grades and a diploma; education is growing through all your experiences, not just being stellar in the classroom. I got involved in Rugby at Purdue (a sport I absolutely loved in high school,) took up a leadership role in my Honor Society, landing a coaching position with the academic success center, and even became a mentor for this program last fall. But looking back, I started too late. I wish I would have gone to more activity fairs, and attended more events at Krannert. Freshman should keep their eyes open for new opportunities.
  • I would also want freshman know that fun and college aren’t two opposing forces clashing together, but rather, they can exist in a healthy and beneficial balance. I have had many stressful days and weeks where I’ve gotten so burnt out and so tired, and the only thing that kept me up and moving was my motivation. If I had just gone out to eat with friends, played some basketball, or watched a movie when I was feeling overwhelmed with school, I would have been much more productive. Having fun puts people in a better mood, and it’s proven that people do better on tests when they’re in a good mood. I could have avoided a lot of stressful times if instead of digging deeper into my books, I had some fun. I viewed fun as a reward for working hard, but now I see the two as working together. Freshman should strive for a healthy balance in their life.