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KMP 2015 Mentors

Mathew Valet
Business Management and Film and Video Studies Minor

Hometown: Holmdel, New Jersey

Major(s): Business Management and Film and Video Studies Minor

Minor(s) and Concentration(s): Marketing and Strategic Management

Clubs and Involvement: 

  • Last semester I was a mentor for KLDP! (Applying for head mentor)
  • Business Studies in London (Study Abroad)
  • Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity (Vice President of Finance)
  • Halberdier Club (Tarkington Residence Hall Senator)
  • Boiler STeam (Tour guide)

Interests and Hobbies:

  • Sports, Film, Reading

Tip to Mentees: 

  • One of my favorite conversations I had with my mentees was completely unplanned. We managed to get on the topic of what we are passionate about. College life becomes chaotic quickly and extremely busy and we came to realize how important it is to be able to recognize our passions. Although we may have to take classes that we find uninspiring at times and we will spend countless hours in a library studying, it is important that Krannert freshmen never lose sight of what they are truly passionate about. It will bring us inspiration and remind us of our strengths. I know I am capable of telling Krannert freshmen the importance of a resume or joining a club. What will really set a student apart, is that motivation to succeed. It is in us somewhere and we can't afford to lose sight of it. And it comes from our inspirations and the things we are passionate about.