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MGMT 390 Course Description

As part of KMP, all mentors are required to take a two credit 16-week course during the fall semester of the program. In this course, mentors will learn about and develop the qualities of an effective mentor and leader.

Nathan Lyons with his mentee at a club expo
grace McNulty working with her mentees on their resumes

Nathan Lyons with his mentee at a club expo
Nathan Lyons with his mentee at a club expo
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What is covered in the course?

During the class sessions, mentors will discuss and share their mentoring experience, participate in experiential learning activities, interact with guest speakers including Purdue Alumni who are passionate about mentoring, and engage in self-reflection. Outside assignments will be given to provide mentors the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with mentoring, coaching, and leadership.

When and how frequently does the class meet?

The class meets one day every other week.

What are some of the activities or assignments?

The favorite activity last fall was the resume development assignment. Mentors met with mentees to define goals and create a future resume. This future resume provides a guide for mentees to identify opportunities, events, and key individuals that can help them reach their goals. 

What will mentors do during the off-weeks when the class is not meeting?

On the off weeks, mentors will engage in activities and attend events with their mentees related to what was studied during the prior week's class.

What types of events mentors and mentees might attend together?

One of the mentees’ favorite events was attending a career fair with their mentor and learning about how to prepare for, navigate, and become more comfortable with the career fair experience. Mentors felt they benefited equally from the experience. It challenged them to articulate how to be successful at a career fair and built their confidence in their own professional and networking skills.

Is this a graded course?

Yes. Assignments will be given every other week for mentors to complete, which often require the mentor to interact with his or her mentee(s). These assignments are designed to further the development of both mentees and mentors. The resume development assignment discussed above is one example assignment. Grades will be based in part on a mentor's ability to complete assignments on time. Additional components of a mentor's grade include participation, attendance, and a reflection paper due at the end of the semester.

If I have additional questions about the KMP mentoring course who should I contact?

Denise Driscoll is the instructor for this course and can be reached at