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KMP Mentor

As a KMP mentor, upper division students will have the opportunity to positively impact two mentees. Mentors will assist their mentees in getting acquainted with Krannert and Purdue and help set them on a path for success. During the fall semester mentors will take MGMT 39000-005, a two-credit 16-week course in which mentors learn about and develop the qualities of an effective mentor and leader. Classes will take place once a week every other week for a total of 8 classes with the off-weeks being an opportunity to engage in an activity with your mentee. 

The KMP is a selective program and interested students need to apply.

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You are eligible to be a mentor if:

  1. You are in good academic standing with a 3.0 or higher GPA in Krannert Core Classes
  2. You will be a junior or senior in the upcoming fall semester
  3. You are actively involved in Krannert clubs and events
  4. You are a good citizen and a role model for younger students
  5. You want to positively impact a first-year student’s Krannert experience
  6. You can commit to the time requirement of the program

Top 9 qualities of a KMP Mentor:

  1. Open-minded and humble
  2. Invested and reliable
  3. Supportive and enthusiastic
  4. Passionate and empathic
  5. Challenging and empowering
  6. Experienced and knowledgeable
  7. Welcoming and approachable
  8. Good listener and communicator
  9. Good role model and leads by example

Applications are still being accepted for this year's program. You may be a mentor both your junior and senior years; during your second year as a mentor, you will take on additional responsibilities for guiding first-time mentors.

Questions about the KMP can be directed to the instructors: Denise M. Driscoll ( or Jill Lynn (