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Mentees: FAQ

When does the KMP take place and how long is the program?

Formally, the program takes place in the fall semester and is 16 weeks long. Informally, mentors and their mentees have continued their relationship well after KMP has been completed.

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How can I become a mentee?

Complete an application during the summer prior to the start of the program fall semester. Applications will become available June 15th. The deadline for applications is Aug. 14th. Admissions into the program is competitive and interested students are encouraged to apply early.

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How and when are mentees chosen?

Mentors are selected by a committee composed of faculty, staff, past student mentors, and a head mentor, who will serve as the teaching assistants for MGMT 390, the course mentors are required to take. Mentors for the following fall semester are announced in March.

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What selection criteria does the selection committee use in terms of mentees?

The selection committee looks for students who:

  •  Will be incoming first year students in fall semester
  •  Have a strong desire to form a mentoring relationship with an upper-division Krannert student
  •  Are willing and able to commit to the KMP 


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What does the KMP require in terms of time commitment for mentees?

The KMP requires mentees:

  •  To meet with their mentors at least every other week.
    • These interactions may involve attending a function or event, completing a development exercise, or simply meeting for an informal conversation.
  •  Additional interactions or communication is strongly recommended. Many of our past mentors and mentees texted each other between face-to-face meetings.
  •  To attend a two-hour KMP mentor-mentee kickoff training at the beginning of fall semester.
  •  To complete an end of the program evaluation of the program and mentor.

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Is the MGMT 390 course required for mentees?

No, only mentors are required to take the MGMT 390 course as part of the mentoring program. However, Mentors will have assignments that will require them to complete professional and developmental activities with their mentee(s). These assignments are designed to benefit BOTH the mentor and mentee(s).

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How many mentees does a mentor have?

Each mentor is assigned two mentees.

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How many mentors does a mentee have?

Each mentee will be assigned one mentor.

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When will I be able to meet my mentor?

Mentees will meet their mentors at the mentor-mentee kickoff event in August. Mentors may reach out to mentees via email or Skype prior to mentees arriving on campus.

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What is the role of the “mentor family”?

Each mentor is paired up with a mentor buddy, who is a fellow mentor. The mentor buddy provides additional support for mentees when a mentor is unable to do so, and support for the fellow mentor. Mentor buddies also extend both mentees' and mentors’ professional and social networks.

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If I was a KMP mentee once before, can I apply to be a mentee again?

Unfortunately, previous KMP mentees cannot reapply for the program. The program is for first-year freshmen students only.

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Who do I contact for more information about KMP?

Additional questions about KMP can be directed to Director of Personal and Professional Development, Sharlee Lyons at 

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