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KMP Mentee

The transition to college can be an intimidating and overwhelming experience. KMP helps the transition go as smoothly as possible and gives students a head start academically and professionally. Through the KMP, mentees will be paired up with at least one junior or senior student mentor for fall semester. During this time, mentees will interact with their mentor, other mentors, and mentees that are part of the KMP.

“The mentoring course started out to me as a simple class that would result in me giving a few cliché pointers to two students in their first 16 weeks of college. But in the end, it was so much more as it made me a better students, a better leader, and most importantly a better person.”  ~ Brooks Caley
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Mentor Mentee

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Benefits of KMP for Mentees:

  • Get advice from a seasoned upperclassmen regarding clubs, classes, professional events, etc.
  • Increase your social and professional network through group events with mentors and mentees.
  • Have access to someone that can show you the ropes & shorten your learning curve in terms of how to be successful at Krannert.
  • Gain a relationship with a trusted person who can answer questions and provide support to you as you transition into college life. 

KMP Time Commitment for Mentees

  • Attend an initial mentor-mentee kickoff training in the beginning of the semester
  • To meet with mentors at least every other week; these meetings will often involve attending an event or completing a developmental exercise
  • Additional interaction is strongly recommended. Many of our past mentors and mentees text each other in between meetings
  • To complete a beginning and end assessment of the program

Mentees are students who:

  • Will be incoming first year students the fall semester of the program
  • Want to become a part of the Krannert community early in your college career
  • Have a strong desire to form a mentor relationship with an upper-division Krannert student
  • Are willing and have the time to commit to the KMP 

Interested in applying to be a mentee?

Space is limited. Applicants will be accepted until enrollment caps are reached. At that time, the application link will be de-activation and you will receive a message that we are no longer accepting applications.

Online Application

Questions about KMP can be directed to the instructors: Denise M. Driscoll ( or Jill Lynn (

“The Krannert Mentoring Program has helped me to see the benefits of being a mentor and it is something I would like to continue to do in my post-college career.”  ~Morgan Juillerat