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MSBA Curriculum

This program focuses equally on both technologies and techniques to better prepare students for the current and future landscape of business data. Students will have broader exposure to various functional areas of business and how they use information. Further, students will also be able to specialize in areas of interest such as supply chain. This program offers unique treatment of data analytics, gamification, and optimization modeling and significant depth in SAS modeling and usage.

MSBA Coursework

To earn a Master of Science degree in Business Analytics (MSBA), students must complete 30 hours of coursework in the following areas:
  • Core Courses - 9 credits

    • Data Mining
    • Visualization and Persuasion
    • Business Analytics
    • IT for Innovations
  • Foundation Courses on Business - 5 credits

    • Accounting for Managers
    • Financial Management
    • Marketing Management
    • Intro to Operations Management
    • Strategic Management
    • Microeconomics
    • Organizational Behavior
  • Restricted Electives on Analytics - 12 credits

    • Marketing Analytics
    • Machine Learning & Big Data
    • Numerical Computing
    • Linear Algebra
    • Data Engineering
    • Project Management


  • Free Electives - 4 credits

    For free electives, students may choose elective courses to suit their individual interests. They may use as free electives any MGMT, ECON, or OBHR courses or credits that they have not used for filling other requirements. Restrictive electives may also be counted as free electives.
* Students will work on real industry projects focusing on problems in business analytics derived either from their organizations or those provided by Purdue.