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Hear From Our Students

A Collaborative Environment

Victor “Duke” Ferguso"I chose to pursue a PhD in management at Krannert because of the faculty, and the collaborative and collegial environment that they foster. The faculty encourage collaboration between the student and collaborate with students themselves while acting as mentors and helpful resources as students develop the skills they need to enter the field of academia. I have enjoyed my time at Krannert so far and I look forward to continuing to learn from Krannert’s faculty as I develop both personally and professionally.  I would recommend this program to anyone who is serious about pursuing a career in academia." -- Victor “Duke” Ferguson (Accounting, PhD Candidate)

World Class Research

Mitchell Johnston"Obtaining a PhD in management was a big life goal for me. I knew that I wanted the degree to be something that I could be proud of and allowed me to focus on the topics that were of interest to me. The faculty at Purdue produce world class research and are leaders in their respective fields. I am proud to have the opportunity to learn from them and say that I am a student at Purdue. Beyond their commitment to research, the faculty have taken the time to get to know me and tailor the PhD experience to my needs and interests. I am confident that any student who is interested in pursuing a career in academia would do well to start that career at Purdue." -- Mitchell Johnston (Finance, PhD 2019)

Distinct Opportunity for Interdisciplinary Research

Mohammed Alyakoob"I chose to pursue a PhD in management at Krannert School of Management primarily because of the opportunities to work with distinguished faculty with a vast experience in the field. Krannert encourages collaboration between departments both within Krannert and other Schools which provides a distinct opportunity for interdisciplinary research that served to strengthen both my knowledge base and experience. I have truly enjoyed my time at Krannert and would recommend it to any student who would like to pursue a career in academia." -- Mohammed Alyakoob (Management Information Systems, PhD 2019)

Right Place for Quantitative Marketing

Mitchell Johnston"As a great starting point of academia career, Krannert PhD program in marketing meets all my expectations. Its curriculum provides rigorous training in knowledge and skills for quantitative marketing. Working with prestigious and experienced faculty here is both exciting and pleasant. The research specializations of marketing faculty covers various fields in quantitative marketing, which provide abundant choices for PhD students to initiate their research. The collaborations with other disciplines in or outside Krannert is encouraged and often result in new insights for all participants. For a person who wants to pursue a career in quantitative marketing academia, Krannert is the right place for you." -- Ming Lei (Marketing, PhD Candidate)

Invaluable Experience

Benjamin Pratt"The Krannert School of Management has provided me with excellent opportunities to work with accomplished faculty in a variety of research settings. I have benefitted from a wide array of high quality courses from a number of disciplines during my doctoral studies. One of Krannert’s greatest characteristics is the collaborative spirit which permeates the school. During my first three years in the program, I have gained invaluable experience and perspective through interdisciplinary collaborations with a number of top-level programs and research centers here at Purdue. I recommend this program to anyone serious about high-quality scholarship and academic training." -- Benjamin Pratt (OBHR, PhD Candidate)

Expanding Atmosphere of Curiosity and Support

Mitchell Johnston"The depth, precision, and rigour or academic research at Krannert impressed me. The strategy faculty are devoted to the doctoral program, generous mentors, and masterful at motivating PhD students to push the boundaries of their research skills. The atmosphere of curiosity and support was boundary expanding. I got to work on research problems that compelled me t wake up every single day and try and to answer research questions I was genuinely curious about. I feel incredibly lucky to have been trained by exceptional successful researchers and to have worked with brilliant and motivated doctoral students." -- Goran Calic (Strategic Management, PhD 2016, Assistant Professor at McMaster University)

Challenging Experience to Grow

Jacklyn Buhrmann"My experience in the Economics PhD program here at Krannert has challenged me to grow both academically and personally. I have been fortunate to work with faculty who are excited to help me advance my research and my career, and to interact with other PhD students who are equally motivated and passionate about the research that they do. From representing my fellow students as a KDSA officer, to traveling to present my research at academic conferences, to teaching courses as a graduate instructor, have had the opportunity to become involved in a number of ways and to gain experiences that will continue to be valuable even after graduation." -- Jacklyn Buhrmann (Economics, PhD 2018, Center for Naval Analysis)