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Krannert PhD
Purdue's Krannert School of Management Doctoral Programs Newsletter
Fall 2017, Issue 1
PhD Newsletter

Faculty Research

Working SickEmployees under prolonged pressures face health consequences

Employees under prolonged workplace pressures face serious consequences to their health, according to a working paper coauthored by Purdue Professor of Economics Chong Xiang and David Hummels, dean of Purdue's Krannert School of Management. Titled "No Pain, No Gain: The Effects of Exports on Effort, Injury, and Illness" and issued by the National Bureau for Economic Research, the study shows that Increased job effort can raise productivity and income but put workers at increased risk of illness and injury. More

On the ClockWorks schedulers as job crafters in long-term health care

Assuming you’ve had time to notice, we not only live in a 24-7 world, but also work in one. From health care and manufacturing to retailing and information technology, someone is on the clock every hour of every day. According to ongoing research by Purdue University's Ellen Ernst Kossek, that presents a growing challenge for employees and their families as well as for employers and individuals whose job is to manage the work schedules of others. Kossek, the Basil S. Turner Professor of Management, addresses the issue in a study published by ILR Review. More

Under ReviewOnline product reviews provide incentives for users and companies

Online product reviews correlate closely with purchasing decisions and sales, making them increasingly important to the bottom line of companies with online retailing platforms. However, what is the incentive for individual consumers who post their feedback and opinions on products? Zaiyan Wei, an assistant professor in the management information systems area at Purdue’s Krannert School of Management, raises that question as a coauthor of working paper titled “Production of Online Word of Mouth: Peer Effects and the Moderating Role of User Characteristics.” More