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Career Placement

Krannert School of Management at Purdue University has long been recognized as a leader in doctoral education. Our doctoral students have consistently competed for and won awards for their research. In addition, our doctoral graduates have served on the faculties of many excellent institutions around the world. Here is a list of placements. For more information, please refer to the websites of the specific academic areas:

Year Name Placement Country
2021 Ha Yoon Yee The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Hong Kong
2020 Ali Alyakoob Kuwait University Kuwait
2020 Rixing Lou California State University, Monterey Bay United States
2019 Benjamin Angelo Ball State University United States
2019 Thomas Godwin Purdue University United States
2018 Faisal Alibrahim Unknown Unknown
2017 Kyung-Yun Lee Hankuk University of Foreign Studies South Korea
2015 Paul Ordyna University of Cincinnati United States
2014 Harold López Araya Universidad de Chile Chile
2013 Ko-Eun Park University of Massachusetts at Boston United States
2011 Sumantra Chakravarty California State University, Fullerton United States
Melvin Lamboy Ruiz Iowa State University United States
Mauricio Melgarejo INCAE Business School Costa Rica
Jason Stanfield Purdue University United States
Li Yao Concordia University Canada
2009 Hsin-Tsai Liu Louisiana Tech University United States
Year Name Placement Country
2021 Daniel Bonin USDA Economic Research Service United States
2021 William Brown Afiniti United States
2021 Xiaotian Liu Huazhong Agricultural University China
2021 Andrew Steckley Welch Consulting United States
2021 Chen Wei Washington University United States
2021 Daniel Woods University of Innsbruck Austria
2020 Mary Kate Batistich Wilson Sheehan Lab for Economic Opportunities, Department of Economics, University of Notre Dame United States
2020 Svetlana Beilfuss State University of New York (SUNY) - Oswego United States
2020 Stanton Hudja Baylor University United States
2020 Brandon Norton Cornerstone Research, Washington, DC United States
2020 Yifei Xu Trinity Science LLC. (startup), Atlanta, GA United States
2020 Haiqing Zhao National University of Singapore, Global Asia Institute Singapore
2019 Andrew Compton U.S. Air Force Academy United States
2019 Pritha Chaudhuri Hamilton College United States
2019 Somnath Das Grand Valley State University United States
2019 Clint Harris University of Wisconsin-Madison United States
2019 Tingmingke Lu The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Sweden
2019 Benjamin Raymond Bureau of Labor Statistics United States
2019 Jiatong Zhong University of Alberta Canada
2018 Kendall Kennedy Mississippi State University United States
Jackie Buhrmann Center for Naval Analysis United States
Xuan (Gabi) Jiang Ohio State University United States
Justine Mallatt Bureau of Economic Analysis United States
Sophie Danqing Shen Shandong University China
Hajime Shimao Santa Fe Institute United States
Paul Thomas Vocational Economics, Inc. United States
2017 Sebastian Linde Grand Valley State University United States
Andrew Meisner Amazon (Senior Economist) United States
Suprabha Baniya Clark University United States
Masha Brussevich International Monetary Fund (IMF) United States
Kellie Konsor Saginaw Valley State University United States
Xiaoxiao Li Villanova University United States
Brian Towell Wabash College United States
Sebastian Wai Indiana University United States
Kan Yue Xavier University United States
Year Name Placement Country
2021 Zhaojing Chen Renmin University of China China
2021 Emery Logan Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Netherlands
2020 Michael Woeppel Indiana University United States
2019 Chao Gao Australia National University Australia
2019 Mitchell Johnston University of Dayton United States
2018 Xue Wang Nankai University China
2017 Jinhee Kim University of Virginia United States
Samer Ryan Semaan Cornerstone Research United States
Stefano Casella Tilburg University The Netherlands
2016 Yanchu Wang Shanghai University China
2015 William O'Brien University of Illinois at Chicago United States
Steven Sibley Indiana University United States
Timothy Trombley Illinois State University United States
2014 Chengxi Adam Yin Renmin University of China China
2013 Mihai Ion The University of Arizon United States
Jing Wang Ohio State University United States
2012 Baixiao Liu Florida State University United States
2011 Stpehen McKeon University of Oregon United States
Craig Everett Pepperdine University United States
2010 Amanda Thompson Explore Interactive (CEO) United States
2009 Rahsan Inget Public Company Accounting United States
Rachel Graefe-Anderson University of Mary Washington United States
Stepanyan Gohar EDHEC Business School France
Year Name Initial Placement Country
2021 Yipu Deng University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
2020 Vandith Pamuru Subramanya Rama Indian School of Business, Hyderabad India
2019 Mohammed Alyakoob University of Southern California United States
2019 Abhishek Ray George Mason University United States
2016 Warut Khern-am-nuai McGill University Canada
2015 Na Zhang Amazon (Machine Learning Scientist) United States
2014 Jian Qing "Fisher" Wu California State University-Long Beach United States
2012 Hailiang Chen City Univeristy of Hong Kong Hong Kong
2011 Matthew Hashim University of Arizona United States
Keum Seok Kang Florida International University United States
2010 Wenqi Shen Virginia Tech United States
Junhee Kwon City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
2009 Tawei David Wang Depaul University United States
Aditi Mukherjee University of Florida - Gainesville United States
2008 Chen Zhang University of Memphis United States
Mohammad Saifur Rahman Purdue University United States
Year Name Initial Placement Country
2019 Utsav Shenava Texas A&M University Central Texas United States
2018 Xing Fang Tulane University United States
Tianfu Wang Montclair State University United States
2017 Sunha Kim Concordia University Canada
Wenshu Zhang Fairleigh Dickinson University United States
2015 Kyung-Mi Park Unknown Unknown
2013 Jihong Min Unknown Unknown
2012 Jinsuh Lee Purdue University United States
Hsin-Chen Lin University of New Brunswick Canada
2011 Alex Kim Long Island University United States
Yun Kyung Oh Dongduk Women's University South Korea
2010 Yan (Lucy) Liu Texas A&M University United States
Year Name Initial Placement Country
2021 Zhiyi Tian Unknown
2019 Taotao He Shanghai Jiatong University China
2018 Tao Jiang JPMorgan Chase & Co. United States
Didun Peng Sam's Club (Data Scientist) United States
2016 Jinhak Kim University of South Alabama United States
Chong Hyun Park Sejong University Korea
2012 Cheng-Hung Hu Yuan Ze University Taiwan
2011 Chuanhui Xiong Univ of North Carolina Pembroke United States
2009 Fei Pan Cummins, Inc. (CEO) China
Xinghao Yan University of Western Ontario Canada
Year Name Initial Placement Country
2021 Anparasan Mahalingam Dept of Entrepreneurship & Strategy, David Eccles School of Business, The University of Utah United States
2020 Moonsik Shin Warrington College of Business, University of Florida United States
2020 Mingtao Xu E. J. Ourso College of Business, Louisiana State University United States
2020 Dalee Yoon University of Hawaii United States
2018 Kubilay Cirik Louisiana State University United States
2018 Joonhyung Bae Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology South Korea
Jongsoo Kim Hong Kong Baptist University Hong Kong
2017 Shiau-Ling Guo National Chenchi University Taiwan
2016 Goran Calic McMaster University Canada
Wonsang Ryu City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
2015 Siv Ramakrisn Devarakonda Vankata Naga Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
2013 Shivaram Devarakonda Tilburg University The Netherlands
Mona Bahl Coastal Carolina University United States
Supradeep Dutta State University of New York at Buffalo United States
Zhonghui "Hugo" Wang University of North Carolina at Greensboro United States
2012 Ramesh Dangol Youngstown State University United States
Arkadiy Sakhartov University of Pennsylvania The Wharton School United States
Cheng-Wei Wu University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
2009 George Shinkle University of New South Wales Australia
Min-A Lee University of Southern Indiana United States
Brian McCann Vandervilt University United States
Barton Sharp Northern Illinois University United States
Year Name Initial Placement Country
2020 Yuanchen Li Tongji University, Shanghai China
2019 Chengzhang Li Shanghai Jiatong University China
2018 Zhongjie Ma Facebook (Research Scientist) United States
2016 Heeong Lim University of Seoul South Korea
2015 Aditya Vedantam State University of New York at Buffalo United States
2012 Hung Tuan Do University of Vermont United States
Kyoungsun Lee Korea Information Society Development Institute South Korea
Mohammed Saoud Kuwait University Kuwait
2011 Mazhar Arikan University of Kansas United States
Jen-Yi Chen Cleveland State University United States
2010 Joo-Yol Maeng Pacific Lutheran University United States
Year Name Initial Placement Country
2021 Catherine Kleshinski Indiana University United States
2021 Benjamin Pratt University of Central Oklahoma United States
2018 Lusi Wu University of Electronic Science and Technology of China China
Hongzhi Chen Nanjing University China
Matthew Perrigino Elon University United States
2017 Ahmad Ashkanani Kuwait University Kuwait
2015 Christopher Hartwell Utah State University United States
2013 Patrick Bruning University of New Brunswick-Fredericton Canada
Heidi Baumann Bradley University United States
2012 Erica Anthony Morgan State University United States
Cody Chullen East Carolina University United States
David Taylor Wake Forest University United States
2011 Won-Jun Kwak Marshall University United States
2010 Shaun Hansen Central Washington University United States
John Elshaw The Air Force Institute of Technology United States