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Doctoral-level courses cover theoretical models and their empirical application to problems related to corporate financing and investment decisions, security analysis, portfolio management, and financial institutions and capital markets. A required sequence of four courses is specifically designed for and limited to doctoral students. The unifying theme of this course work is an understanding of the process of asset valuation in a competitive securities market. Knowledge of calculus is assumed. In addition, students customarily employ the computer in their courses in security analysis and portfolio management. Research emphasizes application of theoretical models so that students enhance their understanding of the models as well as their knowledge of the fields to which models can be meaningfully applied.

Unique Features

  • Faculty on Editorial Boards for top academic journals
  • Quantitative research receives special emphasis in program of study
  • Doctoral fellowships available
  • Small program with low student-faculty ratio
  • Placements at prestigious universities as in UCLA, Carnegie Mellon, University of Michigan, London Business School

What we look for in Ph.D. applicants

  • Strong analytical background
  • Intellectual curiosity and passion for research and teaching in finance
  • Prior research experience through thesis, independent study, or Research Assistantship
  • Experience programming or working with MATLAB, Stata, SAS, or Python is a plus
  • Graduate degree such as MBA or Master in Finance, Economics, or Statistics is helpful, but not required 

Typical Program of Study

First year:

  • Finance doctoral seminars (fall & spring)
  • Economic theory courses (fall & spring)
  • Econometrics (fall & spring)
  • Minor Area and/or MBA electives

Second year:

  • Finance doctoral seminars (fall & spring)
  • Econometrics (fall) and Applied statistics (spring)
  • Microeconomic theory electives
  • Minor Area and/or MBA electives

The required Minor Area of study is Economics. There is a comprehensive preliminary exam typically after the second year. The dissertation research is primary focus after the preliminary exam is completed.

Further Details on Finance Area Program Requirements

Further information on the exact requirements of the Finance area.