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Research Methods Topic: Advanced Statistics

Krannert and Rawls

To complete this research-methods topic, a student is required to take between 6 and 9 credit hours as determined by the student's major area.  Courses that can be used to satisfy this topic will be selected from the list below by the student's major area.  This research-methods topic has as a pre-requisite the Applied Statistics research-methods topic and courses taken to satisfy that topic cannot be used to satisfy this topic too.

ECON 67200 Econometrics II

ECON 67300 Time Series Econometrics

ECON 67400 Microeconometrics

MGMT 67700 Seminar in Quantitative Methods in Management Research

MGMT 67900 Nonparametric Methods for Research

STAT 51400 Design of Experiments

STAT 52000 Time Series and Applications

STAT 52200 Sampling and Survey Techniques

STAT 52400 Applied Multivariate Analysis

STAT 52600 Advanced Statistical Methodology

STAT 65700 Mathematical Statistics I