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Research Methods Topic: Special Topic

Krannert and Rawls

To complete this research-methods topic, a student is required to take a 2 or 3 course research-methods special topic sequence that has been formally approved by the Area Academic Advisor. This option can be used to take advantage of new course offerings within and outside of Krannert or to pursue a special research-methods interest of the student. For instance, the MIS faculty suggests that many of their students take the following special research methods topic in place of the optimization topic:

Research Methods Topic: Algorithm Analysis and Optimization
To complete this research-methods topic, a student is required to take the following CS course and at least two of the following IE courses. Note that a student, who has not been exposed to the concepts of data structures before, may find it beneficial to take CS 25100 (Data Structures) before taking CS 58000. Also, note that IE 53500 (Linear Programming) is a prerequisite for all the 60000-level IE courses listed below.

CS 58000  Algorithm Design, Analysis, and Implementation;

IE 53700  Discrete Optimization Models and Applications

IE 63100  Heuristic Programming

IE 63400   Integer Programming

IE 63900  Combinatorial Optimization