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Filling scholarship application

Scholarship Application

Purdue University Scholarship Application

At Krannert, we recommend that all first year beginning undergraduate and returning or transfer students utilize this application for opportunities to receive or renew college awarded merit scholarships. Merit based Krannert scholarships are not automatically renewable. Students should plan accordingly and reapply for these scholarships annually. 

The scholarship application becomes available in the fall and deadlines are posted on the Purdue University-Scholarship Application link. Merit based scholarships are based upon leadership, financial need, academics and other criteria to recognize student accomplishments. 

Students awarded Trustees, Presidential, Emerging Leaderships, 21st Century, Purdue Promise and other university renewable scholarships should review the scholarships criteria yearly and strive to exceed the criteria.

The Purdue Moves Study Abroad scholarship area offers students the opportunity to apply for international experience funding in November, January and April. Visit the study abroad area at Krannert to learn about financial planning and additional Krannert scholarship opportunities.We also encourage students to explore opportunities through the National and International Scholarship Office (NISO). The NISO team will assist students in applying for highly competitive scholarship opportunities. Click here to review tips to help students develop scholarship potential and also review information about the NISO scholarship application process.

Apply for Purdue Scholarships

Freshman, Returning, and Transfer Students

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Scholarship criteria are non-negotiable, based upon funding, and subject to change without notice.