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Wenqian Wang

Wenqian Wang

Strategic Management


Ph.D., Construction Management, Tianjin University, China, 2018
B.S., Mathematics, Shandong University, China, 2013

Wenqian Wang is a Ph.D. candidate in the Strategic Management Area at Krannert School of Management. His research focuses on the governance of inter-organizational relationships, with an emphasis on contractual and relational mechanisms as well as the implications of using digital technologies. Currently, he is investigating how blockchains, as a disruptive technology, work as a novel governance mechanism for inter-organizational relationships, along with other strategic values  of employing blockchains. His research has been published in peer-reviewed management outlets such as Organization Science, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, International Journal of Project Management, and Project Management Journal


Journal Articles

  • Y Wang, Y Chen, W Wang, Y Chen, M Jin (2019). Revisiting the relationship between contract governance and contractors’ opportunistic behavior in construction projects. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management,
  • Y Wang, Y Chen, W Wang, Y Tang (2019). Differentiating two types of learning in contract design: Evidence from the construction industry. Scandinavian Journal of Management,
  • J You, Y Chen, Y Hua, W Wang (2019). The efficacy of contractual governance on task and relationship conflict in inter-organisational transactions. International Journal of Conflict Management,
  • Y Chen, W Wang, S Zhang, J You (2018). Understanding the multiple functions of construction contracts: the anatomy of FIDIC model contracts. Construction Management and Economics,
  • J You, Y Chen, W Wang, C Shi (2018). Uncertainty, opportunistic behavior, and governance in construction projects: The efficacy of contracts. International Journal of Project Management,
  • W Wang, Y Chen, S Zhang, Y Wang (2018). Contractual complexity in construction projects: conceptualization, operationalization, and validation. Project Management Journal,
  • N Gao, Y Chen, W Wang, Y Wang (2018). Addressing project complexity: The role of contractual functions. Journal of Management in Engineering,
  • Y Fu, Y Chen, S Zhang, W Wang (2015). Promoting cooperation in construction projects: An integrated approach of contractual incentive and trust. Construction Management and Economics,

Forthcoming Publications

  • F Lumineau, W Wang, O Schilke Blockchain Governance—A New Way of Organizing Collaborations?. Organization Science,

Book Chapters

  • W van der Valk, F Lumineau, W Wang (2020). Research on contracting in supply chain management and related disciplines: A synthesis of scholarly recommendations and a discussion of future opportunities. Oxford Handbook of Supply Chain Management,

Krannert Doctoral Research Fund

Phone: (765) 496-7115
Office: KRAN 424

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Blockchains, Governance, Contract, Inter-organizational relationships