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Innovation Management
Innovation Management

Innovation Management

Technologies and markets are changing faster than ever before. As demographic and cultural trends create new customer needs, no industry is safe from disruptive innovation. Companies leave themselves vulnerable to obsolescence and irrelevance if they do not anticipate and adapt to these market shifts. Managing innovation effectively is an essential survival skill for companies across a wide variety of industries.

The Innovation Management concentration focuses on developing the skills that enable companies to manage the rapid change that results from innovation. Establishing and maintaining an organizational culture devoted to innovation is not merely a technological challenge, but poses strategic, behavioral, operational, informational, financial, and marketing challenges as well.

The Innovation Management concentration provides a valuable supplement to majors in General Management, Marketing, Supply Chain or Finance. Students with an interest in technology, data, human behavior, and globalization will find fulfilling careers in innovation management, which may include roles in technology-focused companies, entrepreneurial start-ups, R&D labs, venture capital funds, or even management consulting firms.