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Advisor Spotlight

Taylor Weast
(Featured in the Spring 2017 Advising Newsletter)

Taylor WeastDid you always know what you wanted to do for a career while you were in college? 

I thought I did! I originally attended college with the goal of becoming an elementary school teacher. After 3.5 years of studying elementary education, I decided to change my major to General Studies because I determined that teaching wasn’t for me. After I completed my bachelor’s degree, I attended graduate school with the intention of working with college students in some capacity. I started advising students in 2012 and I’ve been working as an academic advisor ever since! My path took a couple of twists but I eventually found my way into something that I love.

What are you top 5 strengths? Do you think it is helpful in your career to be aware of them?

Intellection, Input, Harmony, Relator, Arranger.

Having an awareness and understanding of my strengths has been vital to my career growth. With my strengths, I have a better sense of how to go about my daily work (and life!) in a way that is most meaningful and efficient.  For example, it makes sense that I enjoy academic advising because my strengths (such as input, harmony, and relator) directly affect my work. I enjoy collecting information and being knowledgeable about a variety of topics, and I like getting to know people and relating to them on a more personal and individual level. Although I’ve always known these things about myself, having an awareness of my strengths makes it easier to put into words and convey to others.

What is the most important advice you can give to a college student?

College is an opportunity to find yourself and define who you want to be in the future. Be honest with yourself. If you don’t love what you’re studying, find something that you do love! Choose to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Identify and cultivate your passion. Build relationships with fellow students and others you engage with on campus (such as your academic advisor!). There are so many resources and opportunities available to you in college- take advantage of them!