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CODO Information

Are you ready to pursue a major in Krannert? You’ll need to go through the CODO (Change of Degree Objective) process outlined below and meet the necessary requirements to begin your major in Krannert.

  • What is the CODO Process for Krannert?

    Step One:

    Work closely with your current academic advisor to make sure you meet the requirements to CODO. You can always come to non-Krannert student walk-in hours and meet with a Krannert advisor who can review the requirements with you.

    Step Two:

    Work with your advisor to submit your request to CODO electronically.

    Step Three:

    Once your request to CODO has been received, you’ll need to wait a few days for it to be processed. Please note, each college has its own time frame for how long they take to process your CODO. You’ll need to check in myPurdue on the “Academic” tab for a status update and next steps.

    Do you want to pursue a dual degree? Visit our Dual Degree policy page for more information.

  • When should I submit my CODO request?

    If you meet the requirements to CODO, you have a few options. If you submit your request during the first two weeks of the semester, your request would be processed and made effective immediately. You’ll be able to work with your Krannert advisor right away. 

    If you submit your request any time after the first two weeks of the semester and you meet the requirements to CODO, the request would be processed and made effective for the next term. However, you would be able to work with a Krannert advisor immediately.

  • What is a Conditional CODO?

    If you meet the required GPA and you’re currently enrolled in the final credits/courses required to meet CODO requirements by the end of the semester, your request will be accepted conditionally. Please note, your final credits/courses you need for CODO requirements must be in progress at Purdue West Lafayette.

    If you’re a conditional CODO student, you’ll be able to meet with your Krannert advisor and allowed to register for Krannert courses.

    At the end of the semester, your final grades will be evaluated. If you do not meet the CODO requirements, you'll be removed from any Krannert courses and your major will be changed back to your previous school/college.

  • How do I know if I am eligible for a Conditional CODO?

    You must meet the below requirements.

    • Meet our minimum GPA requirements.
    • Enrolled in any required courses only at Purdue West Lafayette.
    • Earned 12 graded credit hours at Purdue West Lafayette.
    • Be in good academic standing (not on probation).

    Please note, you are only eligible to Conditionally CODO one time to any one College or School. If your conditional CODO is reversed and you want to try again, you’ll have to wait for your final grades post for the semester to CODO.