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Frequently asked questions

What is a MAI/EAI?

The MAI is the Management/Economics Admission Index. It is the earned GPA from 4-6 predetermined introductory courses. Each degree has its own set of course and GPA requirements that determine whether or not a student may proceed to upper division (300+ level) courses.

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Which students must meet the MAI/EAI requirements?

Standard Admit Students must meet these requirements. These are students who have been accepted to Krannert as pre-majors (pre-marketing, pre-management, etc.), and are considered “Degree Seeking” in myPurduePlan, who must then fulfill a set of MAI /EAI requirements in order to then “advance to upper division,” which allows them to take 300-400 level courses.

Direct Admit students do NOT have to meet these requirements, but are strongly encourage to achieve similar, if not better, grades/GPA. Direct Admit students who have been accepted to Krannert are identified as majors without the pre- designation. They are considered Bachelor Seeking in myPurduePlan. This signifies that they are automatically allowed to take upper division classes AFTER they have earned the minimum grades in the MAI/EAI classes. They do NOT have to achieve the MAI/EAI GPA requirements, though.

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What are the MAI/EAI requirements?

Each degree has its own set of unique requirements. These requirements can be broken into three broad categories: Economics, Industrial Management, and all other Management majors. For a complete list of requirements per degree, please visit:

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What happens when the AI (Admissions Index) is complete?

When the AI has been completed*, the End of Semester review team in Krannert (comprised of advisors and program coordinators) will calculate your AI to determine if it meets the requirements of your degree. This process occurs once grades post at the end of the semester and typically takes about a week to accomplish. Students are notified via email whether or not they have passed the MAI/EAI or not.

*Your advisor will work hard to ensure that you are appropriately placed within the End of Semester review process. However, the ultimate responsibility to ensure the advisor is aware of AI completion in a particular semester rests on the student.

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How will I be notified of achieving the necessary AI?

You will get an email within a week or two of grades posting for the semester that you completed your AI requirements.

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What is an alternate AI?

Alternate MAIs/EAIs are used in situations where the student has transferred in (typically) more than one MAI/EAI course. Since only credit transfers (and not grades), it is impossible to determine a MAI/EAI with multiple transfer grades.

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Who does the alternate AI apply to?

An advisor will work with you to determine if you need an MAI/EAI and which courses will serve as the alternate MAI/EAI should you need it.

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What are the alternate AI requirements?

Much like the AI, the alternate AI is designed to provide advisors with 12 credit hours of grades (or more) to determine a student’s ability to be successful in his/her upper division courses. Advisors will choose courses that are most related to the original MAI /EAI requirements (e.g. – will use ECON 252 in place of ECON 251).

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What if I have a transfer course in my AI?

Typically, one transfer course does not extensively impact a MAI/EAI (as compared to multiple transfers). But you should keep in mind that PU grades will carry more weight when transfer credits apply, too. For example, instead of 15 credit hours of grades to evaluate, the team will only have 12 credit hours to use. Individual grades have a bigger impact when the overall credit hours are low.

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What happens if I have transferred credits for all AI requirements?

If all or most of your MAI/EAI courses are transferred in, an alternate MAI/EAI will be developed for you by your advisor.

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What if I don’t get the necessary AI?

If you do not earn the necessary MAI/EAI, then you will need to try again. There are very specific and important rules regarding retakes within Krannert. Be sure to understand these completely AND talk to your advisor prior to retaking a course.

  • You may retake a AI course only ONCE. If you do not get the grade you need on the second try of the AI course, you will be exhausted from the program.
  • We will ALWAYS take your most recent grade for a course. Therefore, if you retake a course to try to get a better grade (e.g.- go from a C to an A) but end up getting a D on the second try, you will be exhausted from the program. We will NOT take your best grade, just the most recent.
  • You may only retake 3 different AI courses to attempt to get the necessary AI. If you are still not at or above the required MAI/EAI after retaking 3 of your classes, you will be exhausted from the program.

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What if I need to retake a course?

Work with your advisor to ensure you are meeting the rules of the MAI/EAI retake policies and to ensure your chances of success.

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How does MGMT 295 impact my AI?

MGMT 295’s grade does not get factored into your AI. However, you must have the course completed with a qualifying grade in order to be reviewed for upper division courses.

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