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Undergraduate Leadership Fund

The UndergraduateLeadership Fund provides an opportunity for students and student organizations to apply for funds to enhance their leadership development skills.

About the Undergraduate Leadership Fund

The Undergraduate Leadership Fund is funded through the School of Management Employers Forum Career Fair and from the generous donations of alumni and corporate friends. The Fund is used to enhance the education of Krannert School of Management undergraduate students. Students are encouraged to petition the Undergraduate Leadership Fund to support programs, activities, and services.

**Note: The ULF is a reimbursement fund. Funds for activities are disbursed only after the final report of the activity.

Undergraduate Leadership Fund Committee

The purpose of the Undergraduate Leadership Fund Committee is the following:

  • To hear requests from student organizations and Krannert undergraduate students
  • To oversee the School of Management Undergraduate Leadership Fund

The committee members will include the following individuals:

  • Director of Larsen Leaders Academy
  • Faculty Member
  • President of SMEF
  • Two members of President's Council

How to Submit a Proposal

Students are encouraged to read the Leadership Fund Guidelines before submiting their proposal. To petition the fund, students must submit the online proposal form. **Students are then also required to record a proposal video to be sent to Ms. Sharlee Lyons at in which the case is made for why the requested funding should be approved. Ms. Lyons and the Undergraduate Leadership Fund Committee will then review the requests (the completed form and video) on a rolling basis. Requests for funding can be made at any time, but official decisions may not be made for at least two weeks from the time that the request is submitted. Students are encouraged to plan accordingly. Failure to submit a proposal video to the ULF Committee will forfeit your request.**

Online Proposal Form

 Approved proposals will need to submit a substitute W-9 form along with all relevant receipts for which reimbursement is being requested. For requests in which multiple students are involved with different kinds of reimbursement requests (i.e. someone is sharing a hotel room with one or more students), it is imperative that a separate narrative statement is included to outline these details. You can find this form here.