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Requirements for Upper Division ACCT/FINC/GMGT/MGMT/MRKT/SCIA/SOM

The purpose of the Management Admissions Index (MAI) for acceptance into Upper Division Management is to give all Krannert students a common academic background and to allow you an opportunity to acclimate to the academic environment at Purdue. You have to be admitted to Upper Division Management before you can enroll in three hundred or higher level School of Management courses.

If you are beginning a Fall 2018 or later plan of study, you will need to complete the following courses:

  • ENGL 10600/10800/SCLA 10100
  • MA 16010/MA 16100/MA16500
  • MA 16020/MA 16200/MA16600
  • ECON 25100
  • MGMT 20000
  • COM 11400/COM 21700

If you are following a 2013 or later plan of study you need to complete these courses:

  • ENGL 10600/10800
  • MA 22300/MA 16010/MA 16100/MA16500
  • MA 22400/MA 16020/MA 16200/MA16600
  • ECON 25100
  • MGMT 20000

If you are on a previous plan of study you can view the required MAI courses for your major here

  • Complete all MAI courses with a minimum MAI GPA of 3.00
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher
  • Achieve a C- or higher in all MAI and Management courses
  • Not on academic probation

General MAI and Upper Division (UD) Information

  • Pre-calculus courses are not required for the MAI or plan of study but may be required as a pre-requisite for calculus. Pre-calculus is not used as part of the MAI for students on 2013 or later plans of study.
  • You can use the Term Calculator in my Purdue plan or the GPA Calculator on Krannert's website to calculate your MAI. 
  • A maximum of three MAI courses may be taken two times each for a grade
  • MAI courses with grades of "F" cannot be replaced by a transfer course
  • Only courses with grades earned on a Purdue campus will be used to calculate the alternate MAI
  • The MAI must consist of at least four courses for a minimum of 12 credit hours total

Helpful Links

Commonly used terms

  • MAI/EAI: Management Admissions Index/Economics Admissions Index; comprised of at least 12 credit hours and a minimum of four courses. Typically, most students will use ECON 251, ENGL 106, Calc I, Calc II, MGMT 200. However, the MAI/EAI depends on the degree that is being pursued. See the MAI/EAI page for more information regarding specific degree requirements.
  • UD: Upper Division; this designation means the student has passed the MAI/EAI requirements and is allowed to take Upper Division School of Management courses (300+ ECON, MGMT, and OBHR).
  • EOS: End of Semester review process; the review process that calculates a student’s MAI/EAI and determines UD eligibility. For more information, see the End of Semester Review page.
  • Exhausted: When a student has eliminated the possibility of moving to Upper Division due to the number of course retakes and thus, must select a different major (typically in a different School).
  • CODO: Change of Degree Objective; the official process of changing majors at Purdue University. A full review of the process can be found here: