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Non-Krannert Students

Non-Krannert students are students not pursuing a Krannert MAJOR. 

Thinking about transferring to Krannert School of Management from another Purdue college/major? Visit here.

Academic Advising for non-Krannert students: Do you have questions about an Economics, Management, or Human Resource Management minor? Or thinking about CODO'ing in to Krannert? Academic Advisors are available to answer your questions by email at  or in person on the 3rd Floor of Krannert during the dates and times listed below:

June 5 - August 3, 2018

There will be NO non-Krannert Walk-ins during
STAR: June 8, 11, 13, or 25-29
July 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 10
Walk Ins Spring 2018
***Arrive early to make sure that you get an appointment, there are ten available slots per walk-in time. Our last Non-Krannert Walk-In appointment will be checked in at  2:45 PM.***

To enroll in an Upper Division Krannert Course
(ECON, MGMT, OBHR 30000 or higher):

All upper division courses will have their major restrictions lifted for non-Krannert students on the dates shown below (no additional steps are necessary). Please be patient on these days as this is a manual process that may take several hours to complete. The course restrictions lift will be conducted on two different dates - please click the arrow next to the course areas you are interested in to see which date the restrictions will be lifted for that course.

For Summer Courses - Any courses with restrictions will be lifted March 19, 2018.
  • Fall 2018 Course Restrictions that lift April 23, 2018.

    These courses have restrictions that will lift April 23, 2018

    Course #

    Course Name

    Course #

    Course Name

    ECON 30100 Managerial Economics MGMT 35000 Intermediate Acctg I
    ECON 32500 Economics Of Sports MGMT 35100 Intermediate Acctg II
    ECON 34000 Intrm Microecon Thry MGMT 25400 Legal Found Business
    ECON 35200 Intermed Macroecon MGMT 44428 Human Resources Mgmt
    ECON 36000 Econometrics MGMT 44430 Staffing: Talent Acquisition
    ECON 36200 Health Economics MGMT 44690 Negotiation & Decision Making
    ECON 37000 International Trade MGMT 44310 Managing Human Captl Globally
    ECON 37600 Economics Of European Union MGMT 49000 Prob In Indus Mgt
    ECON 38000 Money And Banking MGMT 30600 Management Science
    ECON 38500 Labor Economics MGMT 35200 Strategic Management
    ECON 39000 Jr Level Prblm In Econ MGMT 44710 Competitive Stategy
    ECON 45100 Game Theory MGMT 44810 Technology Strategy
    ECON 47100 Behavioral Economics OBHR 33000 Intro To Org Behavior
    ECON 49000 Problems In Economics
  • Fall 2018 Course Restrictions that lift August 6, 2018

    These Courses have restrictions that will lift August 6, 2018

    Course Number

    Course Name

    Course Number

    Course Name

    MGMT 31000 Financial Mgmt MGMT 42610 Brand Management
    MGMT 41100 Investments Management MGMT 42710 Digital Marketing Stragety
    MGMT 41150 Futures And Options MGMT 36100 Operations Management
    MGMT 41300 Corporate Finance MGMT 46200 Adv Mfg Plan/Cntril Sys
    MGMT 41310 Financial Modeling MGMT 46400 Logistics: Concepts & Models
    MGMT 41601 Corp Mergers & Acquistions MGMT 47300 Data Mining
    MGMT 38200 Mgmt & Informatn Stsym MGMT 30500 Business Statistics
    MGMT 42910 Experiential Marketing MGMT 40500 Six Sigma And Quality
    MGMT 32400 Marketing Mgmt MGMT 47200 Adv Spreadsheet Mod & Sim
    MGMT 42110 Marketing Analytics MGMT 47400 Predictive Analytics
    MGMT 42500 Marketing Research MGMT 48400 Mgmt Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • Obtain a Pre-req override from Krannert

    1. Contact the instructor of the course via email and request an override   

    NOTE: It is completely up to the instructor whether you are granted an override. If they deny your request, you cannot take the course. 

    2. Forward the approval to the Krannert Advising Office

    • Send the approval from your PU email account
    • Include your PUID

      Note: This is different than in previous semesters where the survey was required for enrollment. The survey is no longer required. 

If courses are full after restrictions have been lifted or overrides have been processed, please use the waitlist. For more information on how to waitlist, please see here: Waitlisting. Waitlists expire the Friday before classes begin. Closed course overrides will not be provided and space is not guaranteed! Certain instructors may decide to accept students with a Krannert major or minor only prior to allowing students outside of Krannert to register.