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Non-Krannert Students Walk-Ins

If you’re a non-Krannert student and have questions about changing your major or about one of our minors, we’re here to help!

Academic advisors are available daily (M-F, 1:30-3 p.m.) during the fall and spring semester for a quick meeting to answer your questions.

2020 Non-Krannert Walk-ins cancellations
No Cancellations at this time

Please note, arrive early to make sure you get an appointment and be prepared to possibly wait because we do have limited capacity each day. We will take our last walk-in appointment by 2:45 p.m.

Our non-Krannert Student walk-in availability is subject to change without notice. If you’d like to see a Krannert advisor during the summer months, please e-mail us at


Krannert Advising
Krannert School of Management
Room 352 - 3rd Floor