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Study Abroad Process

Thinking of doing a study abroad program? Start here!

1. Preliminary Steps

Krannert has over 100 approved programs in over 25 countries! To narrow your search, do your best to answer these questions. You can be flexible (in fact, that's encouraged!) but define some parameters for your trip.

A. How long would you like to go for? (e.g. - semester, a few weeks, or a full year, see here for more details)

B. When are you thinking of going? (e.g. - sophomore/junior/senior year, fall/spring/summer semester)

C. Where would you like to go? (e.g. - which country or part of the world?)

D. Are you comfortable experiencing another culture?

E. Are you comfortable speaking another language? Note: you do NOT need to know another language to study abroad!

2. Next, use the Purdue Study Abroad Program Search site

This will show you programs that you are potentially eligible to apply for. Read through your options and pick a few that sound good to you. 

Feel free to visit the Study Abroad Office (Young 105) for more information. They will see walk-in students so no appointment is necessary!

3. Then, use the Krannert Study Abroad website to search for the courses you will get from the programs:

Here you will be able to find whether or not you can take classes you need for your degree at the programs you are interested in applying for. 

4. Compare the courses you find from step 3 with your degree plan. You will find your degree plan on your MyPurdue Plan. 

See if you will be able to meet your goals for: your desired graduation date, semester credit hour pacing, or other goals you have for your degree. 

5. Speak with:

  • Your academic advisor if you have questions about the courses and your degree plan (including: major/minor/elective requirements, degree progression, etc)
  • A Purdue Study Abroad advisor (Young 105) if you have questions about the program's application or semester long programs
  • Maria Gabriele ( if you have general program questions
  • Amy Kingma ( if you have questions about course approvals or the course approval process

6. Apply to the program you have selected!

You will most likely need reference letters for the program. Be sure to ask whomever you intend to get a recommendation letter from BEFORE you submit their name for a letter. 

If you need to get Krannert courses approved, be sure to visit the Krannert Course Equivalency site for more information. 

If you need to get non-Krannert courses approved, talk with a SA liaision

7. Don't forget to apply for scholarships: 

1. Purdue Moves (Note: you must have already applied for a program to apply for this scholarship)

2. Through the Krannert Study Abroad office

3. Through the Purdue Study Abroad office

Remember to take advantage of every opportunity while studying abroad - challenge yourself academically, explore the country you are living in, immerse yourself in the culture, and HAVE FUN!