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Undergraduate Honors Program
Honors Program

Krannert Undergraduate Honors Program

Honors students in Krannert can expect to graduate with an honors diploma that has shaped them into analytical, resourceful, and industry-ready professionals with the comprehensive business acumen and think-fast problem solving that modern businesses require. This will be accomplished through Honors sections and Honors contracts for courses. These classes provide students with smaller class sizes and accelerated learning with top faculty. In addition, Krannert Honors students will articulate the business case for a topic related to their area of interest and study.

Honors students in Krannert are also part of the Honors College, which opens the doors to many other opportunities such as honors study abroad and interdisciplinary classes. At Purdue, the mission of the Honors College is to foster well-rounded, well-educated global leaders. From the very first semester, the Honors College experience works to create student leaders on campus who impact the world. The four pillars of the Honors College (leadership development, undergraduate research, community and global experiences, and interdisciplinary academics) all serve to accomplish this goal. Learn more about the Purdue Honors College.

Future Student

Application Process

All incoming freshmen who wish to be part of the honors program must complete the Honors College portion of their Purdue application.

Important Dates for Honors Admission:

  • August 1: Purdue Application Open
  • November 1: applications that wish to be considered for the honors program are due. This is the early action deadline, as well as the deadline to be considered for scholarships (See Purdue Admissions for more information)
  • January 15: Early Action decisions are released
  • February 15: Honors College offers extended
  • May 1: Deadline to accept Purdue Admissions and Honors offer.
  • May 5: Deadline to be placed in a Honors Residential Community.

For more information about the application process please contact School of Management Honors Director Cara Putman at

Visit Us

Choosing the correct college for you can be difficult. We recommend that each student visit our campus, so they can get a feel for the community that Purdue University, the Honors College, and Krannert School of Management has to offer.

Information about the Forge the Future Days can be found in your Honors admission packet. To register please visit the Honors College website.

If none of the group visit days work for you, please reach out to Cara Putman at to schedule a one-on-one visit.

Benefits of the Honors Program

Krannert provides three excellent options for undergraduate students. If you choose to accept an offer to learn at Krannert, you will receive a world-class undergraduate business degree. The Larsen Leaders Academy enhances that experience by adding a first-year learning community and cohort that will move through a series of classes together during the first year. The Krannert Honors Program in conjunction with the Honors College gives an even more enhanced experience through select sections of courses, a scholarly project, and more. Students are selected for the Larsen Leaders Academy and must apply to be considered for the Honors Program, but all three are opportunities that allow you to build the education you desire.

* Research Projects with Faculty are also possible through the Undergraduate Program or Larsen Leaders Academy, but require more individual work on the student's part.