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5 things to do in your last semester at Purdue

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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

As I’m starting my last semester at Purdue, I think back to all of the fun things I’ve been a part of during my time here – from the Starry Night festival in the fall to running through fountains on campus, there is no shortage of fun Purdue traditions to take part in. With only four months left on campus, there are a lot of things I want to do one last time before I leave.

1. Eat at Triple XXX (for the burgers and the breakfast) – Triple XXX is known for its delicious burgers, specifically the peanut butter filled Duane Purvis burger. It may sound gross to many, but it’s actually delicious (trust me, go try it!). On top of this reputation, the restaurant also has delicious breakfast options, and is always packed on weekend mornings. I will be going often during this last semester.

2. Sled down Slayter Hill – A big grassy hill by the football field, students love to sled down a snowy Slayter with everything from makeshift cardboard sleds to couches. I’ve never gotten to do this, and luckily my last semester at Purdue will include some snow. I will be flying down the hill with a huge smile on my face!

3. Ride on the Boilermaker Special – Having a mascot that you can actually ride on is pretty fun, especially since our train can legally drive on the streets! When you get on, the drivers are playing music and blare the horn while bringing you all around campus.

4. Take photos in front of all of the Purdue signs – There are the “popular” Purdue signs around campus, including the arch at the entrance of Engineering Mall. But there are a few littler known signs, including one off of Northwestern near Mackey, and one off of Grant Street across from Bailey Hall. Don’t forget to visit the Block P and Neil Armstrong and John Purdue statues as well! It’s a fun way to walk around our beautiful campus and get some nice Purdue pictures.

5. Go to as many basketball games as possible – Our top-notch men’s basketball team has the best home court: Mackey Arena. Games in Mackey are fun no matter what; the energy inside the stadium is matched by no other. Watching the games on TV is never the same, so I will be sure to go to every game that I can in my last semester!

Purdue is not only an amazing school academically, but it also provides a fun environment to live in. I am going to miss being on campus and will be soaking up all the Purdue I can get over the next 4 months!


Haley Toumaian is a senior studying Marketing and Management with a minor in Psychology. She is a Management Ambassadors and is completing the Entrepreneurship Certificate. After graduation, she will work in marketing analytics at the NPD Group in Los Angeles.


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