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Data analytics career from Purdue business degree

Haley Toumaian - NPD

Friday, May 3, 2019

“I’m working in data analytics when I graduate,” I tell anyone who asks. Data analytics. That is something I never thought I would say…

When I tell someone I go to Purdue, half of the time they ask me if I’m studying engineering. Every time they ask, I proudly answer, “No, I’m in the business school!” Purdue’s name has certainly benefited from our top-notch engineering, math, and science programs. Krannert has benefited as well with strong data analytics offerings. This scared me at first – I never liked math, working with numbers, or big data. As my years in Krannert progressed, however, that began to change. I would not be headed into a job I am so excited for had I not been at Krannert.

As I started taking upper division classes, I became more familiar with the field of data analytics. I began to take more steps on my own to explore this further – talking to upperclassmen who had worked in the field, going to market research company presentations, and searching the minds of professors who have worked in the field. I also began to take more classes that are analytics focused, and I found that I enjoyed them more than other classes I was taking.

After looking at all of my options for a future career, I decided that analytics and research was something that I wanted to pursue – or at least to try it out in an internship. I had the opportunity to work for The NPD Group last summer doing data analytics on the entertainment team. One week into the job, I knew it was my passion and that I found my calling. I am very excited I will start my career working for a company that fosters my love for data and teaches me new things every day; and I would have never found this passion without Krannert.



Haley Toumaian is a senior studying Marketing and Management with a minor in Psychology. She is a Management Ambassadors and is completing the Entrepreneurship Certificate. After graduation, she will work in marketing analytics at the NPD Group in Los Angeles.
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