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National case competition takes students to Deloitte University in Texas

Dolittle University

Thursday, April 4, 2019

The weekend before Spring Break, I had the opportunity to fly to Dallas, Texas for the National Deloitte Case Competition at Deloitte University (DU) along with my team: Camille Nau, Trystan Manning and Justin Sterlin.

When we won the Deloitte Case Competition at Purdue, we heard a little bit about how amazing Deloitte University was, but actually being there exceeded our expectations. Deloitte University is a 5-star resort and it is used as a “base” to bring together Deloitte employees, partners and clients from all over the world. This place is paradise for any person in the business world. It has a strong culture that fosters team work and leadership, and promotes the health, well-being and happiness of their employees. As I walked around this 700,000+ square foot campus, I could only see very energetic people interacting with each other while enjoying the great views, weather and the amazing food and drinks served all around campus.

As soon as we got there, we were welcomed by the outstanding staff and were taken to our own private rooms to settle in. All the rooms came with a tablet that controlled all the lights, the TV, room service, alarms and you could even self check-out with it. It was amazing how “techy” and efficient everything was. Then, we did a bike tour around DU, had lunch and went straight to one of the ballrooms to start the competition.

Working on this case was a lot harder than the one we did at Purdue, starting with the fact that we were only given four hours to work on it, solve it and make a presentation. However, it was a great learning experience. Each one of the 18 teams had their own room to work on the case and were assigned a current Deloitte employee as a mentor. Our mentor was Zach, a Krannert graduate who now works based on the Chicago office. Working on this case with Zach was a completely different experience because we got to see, work with and learn from the thoughts and recommendations of a real consultant who does this for a living. More than a mentor, Zach became a friend who has gone through the same college experience, same classes and same campus activities as we have at Purdue.

In my opinion, the best part of all was Friday morning, when all 18 teams had to present their cases in front of several Deloitte partners and employees and the other teams. It didn’t feel like a case competition with judges playing a role, it felt like we were real Deloitte consultants presenting our solution to our client. Something else that stood out to me was how different all of our solutions were. Each team had a different solution with great reasoning behind it and a very unique presentation to bring it all together. Presenting along with teams from very competitive schools, such as Cornell University, Northwestern University, University of Pennsylvania and University of Notre Dame, made us realize how privileged we are to attend such a great school like Purdue and how we need to value the opportunities that we are offered.

Despite the fact that we didn’t win, this was still one of the best opportunities I’ve had so far and one that I will never forget. For me, the best type of learning is when you get out there and work on it first hand, and that’s exactly the experience we had at DU. All of this was possible because of one thing: Krannert and all the opportunities we are offered by our school to grow personally and professionally.

My team and I can’t wait to see another group of Purdue students representing our university and living this experience at Deloitte University next year!


Ariana Loor is a sophomore from Ecuador pursuing a major in General Management with a focus in Human Resources Management.


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