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Students learn about job options on Career Trek

Career Trek

Friday, March 1, 2019

A Career Trek is an opportunity to explore career options within a specific city. For my Career Trek, I had the opportunity to go to Indianapolis and meet with two different companies: Cummins and Geodis. Although I was a little nervous to attend, since I didn’t know other students going, it was reassuring to know that other freshmen were going as well. Career Treks are open to all undergrad students.

When we arrived in Indianapolis, our first stop was Cummins. The Indiana-based company designs, manufactures, sells and services engines, generators, and related parts. Cummins employees gave a presentation with an overview of what the company does, where they do it, for what reason, and a basis of how they function as a business entity. After the presentation, there was a panel of five Purdue Alumni who currently work at Cummins. They represented a variety of fields in the company ranging from supply chain, to finance, to IT. We had time to ask them questions and get a peek into what it was like to go from being a Krannert student to getting a full-time job. Hearing this perspective rather than a recruiter’s perspective was very helpful and eye-opening. After the panel, we were given a tour of the building and were able to see what the working environment was like and what tends to occur on a given day at Cummins.

Our next stop was Geodis. The company is a third party logistics operation that provides services involving supply chain optimization, freight forwarding, contract logistics, distribution and express, and road transport. Similar to Cummins, we were given a detailed information session at Geodis.  After the presentation, we had time to ask the panel of employees questions and learn about their daily jobs. Because of the unique service that Geodis provides they wanted to both tell and show us how they operate. We went to two different warehouses to see how the production/assembly process works. The first warehouse was for Coldwater Creek (an online retailer), one of their smaller warehouses. We walked around and saw the process of an item moving from start to finish, which was very interesting. The warehouse utilized robots that maneuver themselves around from point A to point B. The robots then pass along their work to the employees who complete the task. The next warehouse we went to was for H&M. This was a large scale warehouse with many different conveyor belts used to process orders. Once again, at this warehouse, we were shown the process from start to finish. The tours of the warehouses were educational showing the different functions of business. It also made me think more about the entire process and what happens each time I shop online.

I am very thankful for my City Trek experience since it helped me further understand several business concepts. I know if I continue to take advantage of the opportunities provided to me by Krannert and continue to network with professionals, my “dream job” will eventually be within my grasp.


Hannah Radde is a freshman from Carmel, Indiana with a double major in Accounting and Finance and a minor in Forensic Science. She is a Management Ambassador as well as a Krannert Hub Council Member and enjoys being involved within Krannert.
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